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How would you split a room?

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Periwinkle007 Wed 25-Sep-13 21:33:59

my girls share a room, door at one end (on the long wall) and window on the short wall at the other end. It is a large room so we have along one wall one bed running longways, a large wardrobe and then the other bed running longways. Hope that makes sense. It doesn't divide the room up completely but it does mean when lying in bed (their heads are at the furthest ends) they can't see each other because of the wardrobe and they can have their own pictures up at their ends. We have 2 separate lights in there with separate switches which is handy, one at each end but that wasn't intentional, just how it was when we moved in. The one furthest away from the window still has enough light because it isn't actually divided.

OnePlanOnHouzz Fri 20-Sep-13 22:43:34

If you have enough height - having one bed space raised might work - will add a pic
Also having a dividing box system that's not on the floor can seem more spacious .
Or having a sliding divider can also work well ... Will add pics of all three ideas hope they inspire you a little :-)

quoteunquote Fri 20-Sep-13 11:23:17

Make a barrier out of these, and add a back on half of each side to make a poster/notice board on each side. So each side has half storage half surface to decorate for themselves

You could add a heavy floor to ceiling curtain to pull round each area, to create pods, but if that means one will cut out natural light to the other, it could be an annoyance, but good if one wants to read at night when the other sleeps.

be careful about fire regs. as if you do put in a stud wall, both sides need window access, for fire regs,

Bunnygotwhacked Fri 20-Sep-13 11:00:36

We are moving in two weeks my boys as always will be sharing a room. This time however as they will be having separate beds instead of bunk beds the room can be "split" What would be the most effective way to do this without being a permanent split and without the divider taking up too much space I was thinking a form of curtain but then the window is on one side and I don't want the other half to be in darkness. Dp was thinking those ikea stacking cube storage things but i think that would take up too much floor space and the room though a double is only a standard size one. The door will be on one of the sides so the divider would need to be movable only come across part way any ideas? Has anyone done this before successfully?

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