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Yet another Farrow and Ball Query- has anyone used Mizzle ?

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ArcticRoll Mon 09-Sep-13 00:29:32

That's about it really. Am considering using it in south facing room with lots of natural of light but quite difficult working out whether it will look calming rather than khaki.Many thanks.

DubaiAnna Fri 13-Sep-13 22:20:38

I had a sample pot of Mizzle in recent weeks. It was very much a cool green colour (not khaki) in both the rooms where I tried it - although I was surprised how differently it looked in our (east facing) living room than in our (south facing) hall. It's beautiful though. I'd used almost any F&B colour.

SandyChick Sat 14-Sep-13 14:08:55

I've recently tried a sample too. It was too dark and grey for our kitchen but our kitchen is quite dark anyway. I would say it is pretty much a khaki kind of green.

Alwayscheerful Fri 20-Sep-13 11:05:59

Mizzle is a fairly neutral green based colour, light khaki in some lights.

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