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Black, white, grey and...?

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Lulabellarama Mon 10-Jun-13 14:54:13

We're planning a new bathroom and have decided on a black and white chequerboard tiled floor, white metro tiles to half height with grey grout and a strong grey on the walls. I'm worried it will be a bit too sombre though, so need something to brighten it up.
What colour would you go for for towels/bathmat etc?

My husband suggested lime which I'm really not sure about. And I hate red, so not that. Maybe a soft duck egg blue? Or chartreuse?

BOF Sun 16-Jun-13 02:44:57

Baby pink is nice to soften it.

amazingmumof6 Sun 16-Jun-13 05:16:13

you hate red? shock

you are beyond help I'm afraid!
<facepalm, breathe in, breathe out>

ok, I've calmed down

I suggest eggyolk / sunflower yellow
bright and cheerful, warm and positive

<mutters to self about anyone not liking red, unbelievable....>

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