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F&B experts, help me choose a colour DD's room.

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sydenhamhiller Thu 25-Jul-13 14:06:46

We've got both- we almost did borrowed light in DD's room but did cabbage white, and plenty blue enough and not cold at all. (North facing room). We liked it so much we were going to have it in our room, but it's south facing, big 1960s window and could take the darker blue of borrowed light.

Such a personal choice, colours-- but for a little room, think paler colour is 'colourful' enough, if you know what I mean.

TwentyTinyToes Sat 13-Jul-13 17:48:27

We went with cabbage white in the end which is a lighter version of borrowed light, it is beautiful. Very, very pale duck egg blue, manages to be fresh and light but not cold. Borrowed light was really blue up and would have been too much.

CatHackney Sat 13-Jul-13 17:26:58

Borrowed light is beautiful and much more blue on the wall with white woodwork than on a small sample.

TwentyTinyToes Sat 08-Jun-13 07:19:15

We are decorating 5 month old DD's room, she has the tiny box room and her furniture is white. Am thinking maybe borrowed light or pale powder? Do you think they will feel cold? How blue do they look on the wall? All suggestions very welcome!


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