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Where and how to hang curtains?

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mistressploppy Tue 04-Jun-13 12:58:12

I know, I know; above the window is a good place grin

It's a Victorian house and the window architrave is level with the picture rail. Currently, the curtains hang on poles which are screwed into the architrave, but this just looks a bit...mean. I feel that the curtains should be hung higher and wider to make the most of the window, but how and where? Right up at the ceiling, on a pole or track? Or a bit lower? And then do you need to cover the track with a pelmetty thing?

I keep seeing this pic online..

I need an interior designer clever person sad

spixblue Tue 04-Jun-13 21:43:46

Hello! Sorry I'm not an interior design person, but I can offer a few tips. I sometimes get ideas about how to solve house design issues from near neighbours. Estate agent websites will also carry lots of pictures of houses in your area. Take a look at how other people have styled similar homes to yours.

The main thing is to be sure you're drilling into a reliable surface. I've had to have shutters installed in our front room because the plaster above the window is so shoddy.
On the pole or track question, I'd opt for a pole purely because it sounds like you have a long length of curtain to hang and I think rails can get a bit overwhelmed by the weight.

Hope this helps a bit. Good luck!

mistressploppy Mon 10-Jun-13 18:55:01

This helps a lot, spix, thank you!

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