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Good websites for children's bedroom furniture/decoration

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GillBates Thu 23-May-13 14:14:30

Can anyone recommend any good websites for buying furniture/decorations for children's bedrooms? I know what I like but just need to find out where I can buy it!

Would love recommendations in particular for any places that are good value but still good quality and will last.

elQuintoConyo Thu 23-May-13 14:25:08


Francagoestohollywood Thu 23-May-13 14:29:23

Zara home

QuintessentialOldDear Thu 23-May-13 14:30:34

Great little trading company...... Beds to die for...

Pendipidy Thu 23-May-13 14:33:22

Decorative bits and bobs for bedrooms

bettycoast Thu 23-May-13 14:58:41

Aspace are good for furniture - though not cheap. I know it's obvious, but John Lewis has some lovely bits.

pinktransit Thu 23-May-13 15:19:46

Wall stickers and some ideas on what to put together

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