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Kitchen Flooring Dilemma - Oak floor and units too much?

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MrsSneds Wed 22-May-13 12:32:23

Hi there, we're getting a new kitchen installed this summer. Bespoke solid oak shaker style with a cream worktop (silestone tigris sand). Quite a traditional look with belfast sink and lacanche macon range cooker (undecided on whether this will be black or cream colour).

My problem is what flooring to choose. We're installing double pocket doors between the kitchen and dining room so that when they disappear into the wall, the two rooms will be semi open plan. Dining room will have cream painted wall panelling (original to house) with a darkish oak antique table and chairs.

I'd like the two rooms to have the same flooring ideally and have decided to go for an engineered oak floor (oiled with at least a 6mm wear layer) but am worried that an engineered wood floor in a wooden kitchen will be too...well, woody!

Limestone tiles would look great with the units but not keen on them in the dining room, plus I have two wee girls (6 and 2) that like to clamber on and off our bar stools (and fall off sometimes). Thinking that tiles might not be the saftest option.

I'm not looking to put in vinyl at all as I'd prefer "real" wood or tiles and want the flooring to be fairly permanent (i.e. it's going in before the kitchen units!).

Has anyone else successfully put in an engineered wood floor in a wood kitchen? Wondering it it would look okay if I had a slightly darker wood floor compared to the units?

Giving myself a right headache with this choice as we're going to be living with it for a LONG time as we're not planning to redo the kitchen ever again if we can help it.

All advice gratefully received!!

SandyChick Wed 22-May-13 14:26:02

Hi, we have engineered oak flooring in our kitchen/diner but we have cream doors and solid oak top. We have 2 small boys so the wood was the most practical option for them. I think if you balance out the wood with other items/colours it should be ok.

You might want to go for lacquered rather than oiled flooring tho especially with small children. It's a bit easier to look after when it comes to spills etc. the place that we bought our flooring from were really good in helping use choose the right colour/stave etc. They give us samples too so you could go and get a load of samples and try it out grin

MrsSneds Wed 22-May-13 19:45:43

Engineered oak with cream doors sounds lovely. I personally would have been happy to go with a painted kitchen, but DH had his heart set on oak units.

Hoping the worktop will balance out the wood a bit as it's nice and light.

I got some wood floor samples (oiled) and tested them for stain resistance with red wine, turmeric and tomato sauce - all passed with flying colours! Also soaked them in water for a bit to see if there was any damage and all seemed fine.

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