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help with dulux colours for dark stairway/bathroom?!

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adanac85 Mon 06-May-13 22:03:07

Hi all,

I'm in decorating hell at the moment. I've got a small terraced 2.5 bed property in Yorkshire and I'm having to repaint my bathroom, hallway and bedroom. I've narrowed my choice down to dulux heritage or trade colours and I kind of want to keep to Edwardian/heritage colours.

I've gone for Dulux heritage warm pearl and marble white in our bedroom. It goes with the ulster Borneo carpet in muslin which will cover the stairs and bedroom.

I'm really looking for inspiration for my hallway and bath room.

The hallway is a fairly dark and narrow space with quite high ceilings. It doesn't get any direct sun unless the interior doors are open. Our house faces east/west so we get the sun in the morning and evening.

I've tried dulux heritage chiltern white' but its too grey/dark. I've tried ochre white but it looks too greeny.

I quite like f&b cornforth white, but its a bit cool? I've got Dulux nutmeg white in my front room which I love, but think I need something stronger? But Egyptian cotton is too dark.

I'm looking for a neutral colour with browny or slightly pinky undertones as I think that works with the carpet. Any suggestions?

In the bathroom we have what I can only describe as doom blue tiles (navy blue) which I hate. The walls are currently brilliant white which looks dirty and dull. We don't have much light in the room. I've tried Swedish white from dulux heritage but I think its a bit too bright. enough waffling, do you have any suggestions?!

I will love you all forever for you suggestions!


LittleBells Mon 06-May-13 22:18:16

For the hallway, try Dulux Light and Space in shade Morning Light. It is a very clean, perfect ivory. It will lighten up any dark space in a very subtle way. The shade is elegant and very soothing. It will go with browny & pinky undertones as it is just on the right side of warm, but not a dominating warmth. Definitely worth a try! smile

In the bathroom.. that's tricky. White is the obvious suggestion, unless you go for a mushroom shade. Hard to say without seeing the room and how the navy tiles are done. Could you/would you paint the tiles? I have heard tile paint is used very successfully, if so, you could paint the tiles white then have a bit more room to play with the wall colour? <maybe>


adanac85 Tue 07-May-13 10:08:41

Thank you!

I'll order that. The Bathroom is a narrow bathroom with a small window that gets the evening sun. All the tiles are on one side of the bathroom where theres a small rolltop bath and then the sink is in the old chimney space.

It's got light grey/marble tiles in a small pattern on the floor and some weird mosaic-y tiles going along the middle of the room. This means I could pain the bottom part a darker colour and the top part a slightly lighter one.

outtolunchagain Fri 17-May-13 17:24:08

We have dulux welsh slate in our hall

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