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Gorgeous wall lights?

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yawningbear Sun 05-May-13 14:21:14

Thanks to posters on another thread I have almost decided on the colour of the hallway/stairs, pale grey walls with white wood, either F & B Blackened or Dulux Polished Pebble. There are currently three wall lights, sconces I think they are referred to as, which we don't like. We have decided to keep them but obviously change the fittings. I thought I had found the one that I wanted

But when I looked again it is now out of stock, at least the larger one is. I want two smaller ones downstairs in the hall and one larger one on the back wall as you go up the stairs.

Any suggestions for where to look for fabulous wall lights that don't cost the earth, or even the kind of style to go for?

LadySlatternlysHoover Sun 05-May-13 14:24:30


Might be a bit blingy for your taste but 20% at the moment.

LadySlatternlysHoover Sun 05-May-13 14:24:52

*20% off

LadySlatternlysHoover Sun 05-May-13 14:26:58

simpler design

LadySlatternlysHoover Sun 05-May-13 14:30:41


yawningbear Sun 05-May-13 15:11:24

Thanks LadySlatternysHoover, I had forgotten all about BHS for lighting. I like the first one but I really want it in two different sizes as one of them is in the middle of a really big wall, which is why the John Lewis one was so appealing. I have found a couple of others at Next and Laura Ashley that I like the look of too but only come in one small ish size - Gah!

I like this one from BHS as well

But again only one size.

LadySlatternlysHoover Sun 05-May-13 15:30:26

Some lovely ones here but, again, not sure about different sizes.

Any chance of mixing & matching similar crystal type lights?

yawningbear Sun 05-May-13 16:09:56

Yes, thanks again, that is brilliant, I really like a couple of those and they are cheaper than the JL one. DP has just said that same thing, maybe get the two smaller ones and something slightly different for the big wall. I was thinking it would look better if they all linked up but maybe it won't matter and if I spend less on the smaller ones I can splash out on the larger one grin

yawningbear Sun 05-May-13 16:21:42

Maybe these downstairs in the hall and something like this upstairs on the big wall Or I think I like this one

Hard to say without actually seeing them confused

LadySlatternlysHoover Sun 05-May-13 16:27:59

I think the first two could work together. Like you say, difficult to say without seeing them.

Perhaps google the names and see if any department stores stock them?
You could still then order them online if they are cheaper.

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