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Saturday morning curtain confusion. I think I've bought them too wide, will it matter?

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nevergoogle Sat 13-Apr-13 08:58:53


I'm all confused over whether the widths are per pair or per curtain and my head is minced with it all.

If i have ordered them too wide, will it look ridiculous?


EuroShaggleton Sat 13-Apr-13 09:02:28

You'll just have lots of gathers smile

nevergoogle Sat 13-Apr-13 09:09:56

better than too narrow smile

oh well, will wait and see what arrives.

should have asked MIL. not that i'll admit that to her.

AnythingNotEverything Sat 13-Apr-13 09:10:12

I think width it per pair, but you want them to be wider than the window so you still have gathers when they are drawn.

I still need to check with my mum when I buy curtains - so complicated!

nevergoogle Sat 13-Apr-13 09:16:54

so i've bought 165cm x 228cm (66"x90")

do i get 2 curtains that are 165 wide each in a pack?

MrsHiddleston Sat 13-Apr-13 09:18:47

What nevergoogle said. I've bought too narrow before, very frustrating.

nevergoogle Sat 13-Apr-13 09:22:58

so i gave the best answer to my own question, excellent.
today might work out after all! grin

dimplebum Sat 13-Apr-13 09:23:41

Curtains can never be too wide IMO

The wider the better! They look so much better when they look 'full'

nevergoogle Sat 13-Apr-13 09:25:44

ok, so i should just forget about it for now as they'll probably be fine.
have had curtain mania since last night when MIL offered to buy some curtains. ridiculous.

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