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Colours for hallway and bedroom - maybe F&B

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OrangeSunset Mon 08-Apr-13 11:56:22

Am after some decorating inspiration – for 2 spaces in our house. Have used Farrow and Ball in other areas of the house, which I really like, so any tips using their greys/whites would be great. Am not particularly subtle with colour by nature (see below for lounge!) but would like a more subtle, calming effect for these two spaces. Also, any tips on whether to use ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ etc..

The hallway – it’s south facing, but due to the window and door it doesn’t get much direct light. We’re changing the floor to a lighter finish, so this should brighten things up, and there is a large mirror on one wall, but would maybe like some warm whites, but not actually white. It leads on to the lounge, which has two orange walls (Charlotte’s Locks) and others in dimity (I think).

It will also lead on to the back of the house, which is north west facing so a bit darker. Really would like to lighten the whole space, whilst keeping it practical with the comings and goings.

The main bedroom – this is south facing with a large bay window. Would like a calm, airy look, but interesting and not blindingly bright in high summer (i.e. not magnolia!). The curtains would probably need to be dark-ish to help keep the room dark on early summer mornings. We don’t have any furniture to match at present, and bed linen is white. Thought perhaps some greys, unless that is becoming dated…but thought that would mean we can select some accessories i.e. blankets, throws, with a bit more colour to them and switch as required.

MrsAbernethy Mon 08-Apr-13 22:52:01

We've decorated our hallway in f&b elephant's breath, a lovely soft grey. We've used pointing as a softer white on the woodwork and it has really brightened the whole area. We've used Joa's white in both our living room and bedroom (both are quite dark rooms). It's a very liveable warm neutral - it takes on a slightly khaki shade in certain lights but it works well with other, stronger colours. We're doing the same as you in our living room - neutral with lots of cosy accessories (and hopefully a wood burner fitted before next winter!)

ggirl Mon 08-Apr-13 23:06:56

I would really recommend little greenes 'starlings egg' paint for your bedroom. i have just had the lounge done in it, it's a pale duck egg blue , very light but a definite colour. Looks fabulous with white and creams.

It is described as almost white on their website but it is definitely nowhere near white.
looks like this colour

MumOfTheMoos Mon 08-Apr-13 23:22:14

Skimming stone is my favourite

yummymumtobe Tue 09-Apr-13 10:48:56

Joining the thread as I need to pick colours by tomorrow for the decorator! We are also looking for our hall. The hall (Victorian) is very dark and there are no windows on the landing. Currently is F&B Green Blue grey which looks very, very dark and gloomy in the space. Keen on the blue/green spectrum for below the dado. Any suggestions? I have heard that borrowed light actually comes out much darker than you would think?

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