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Want to add a little bright colour to a very taupe living room - which colour cushions?

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couldwinterstopnowplease Tue 26-Mar-13 22:25:50

My living room is a mix of taupe tones and some mid to dark brown leather (armchairs). I would like to add a bit of colour with some jewel-coloured cushions and maybe a throw.

What sort of colours might work?

PoppyWearer Tue 26-Mar-13 22:29:57

Teal blue, cerise pink and green. Purple too.

NeverBeenToMe Tue 26-Mar-13 22:31:27

A interior designer on R4 last week was saying every room should have a "touche de rouge". So, red is my offering smile

HugeSigh Tue 26-Mar-13 22:33:00

I've used a bright apple/lime green - not neon but very spring like. Really adds some cheer.

But I agree with teal, pink or purple working too.

couldwinterstopnowplease Tue 26-Mar-13 22:52:47

Poppy - yes they were exactly the sort of colours I was thinking of. So any of them do you think? I have some lovely teal cushions already but was unsure of moving them in here.

Not sure I can imagine red but cerise or teal are the winners I think. The apple green sounds lovely but maybe too modern somehow.

Thanks so far. Any links to gorgeous cushions out there?

nipersvest Tue 26-Mar-13 22:56:59


couldwinterstopnowplease Wed 27-Mar-13 09:25:17

Have tried my turquoise ones from upstairs and am not 100% sure. The paint is taupe but has a slight lavender type tone so I'm now wondering if cerise might work to JL later!

DameDoom Sat 30-Mar-13 11:27:26

You've probably bought your cushions now but what about kilim type. You could get a few slightly different ones - they look brilliant when they clash and would definitely lift the taupe. I don't know why, but kilims seem to match every decor.

armagh Sun 31-Mar-13 18:33:14

Gold sequinned ?

couldwinterstopnowplease Wed 03-Apr-13 20:32:12

I haven't actually managed to find any yet. Like the idea of metallic sequinned but in a sort of burnished bronze - think that might go really, really well. Any ideas on where to find them?

armagh Thu 04-Apr-13 09:49:18

Dunelm Mill
John Lewis

Bonsoir Thu 04-Apr-13 18:28:35

Try Caravane. Lots and lots of cushions and throws.

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