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Tell me about your 10+ boys bedrooms

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quoteunquote Sun 17-Mar-13 23:10:20

he has a double bed , I always do this as they sleep better, thick bed spread, lots of funky cushions,(made out skate and surf t-shirts ,sweat shirts and flags)

Very wide L shaped desk with bull nosed edge,that goes along two walls, with shelving to ceiling above, first one wide, a few storage boxes and baskets,

couple of angle lamps, one clip on one angle poise, lots of extra plug sockets good quality office chair

white with one wall a bold colour, easily changed.

large funky stripy rug, black out blinds, and thin white venetian blinds.

lots of posters, maps, and a great big guitar rack full, and a pile of amps, couple of tall sets chest of drawers one with thin drawers, one with very deep drawers, couple of floor baskets for large sports kit,

hooks along the top of the window for hang up tat,

hanging rail which hangs from ceiling over the drawers.

second of our sons to use the space, they seem to like it. we ended up putting in a seriously large desk, as eldest needed all the desk space he could get during both rounds of exams, and a decent chair as he spent a lot of time in it.

and a floor to ceiling mirror was deemed essential, by eldest.

Wonderland121 Sun 17-Mar-13 15:10:04

We moved recently and am looking at doing ds's bedroom, am looking for some inspiration/ideas for decoration & furniture?

Also does your ds have a single or double bed? Ds has a big bedroom and is desperate for a double bed but don't know if we should just stick to a single or let him have a double.

Please feel free to add links to any furniture or wallpaper etc I need inspiring grin

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