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Bathroom / bath taps, worth spending £££; on or not? What type do you have?

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Wickedwaterwitch Sun 17-Mar-13 10:00:39

I've been browsing this morning and love Aston Matthews / Lefroy Brooks taps but they're expensive - £500+

Do you have expensive taps? Are they worth it?

(Re doing bathroom - free standing bath)

quoteunquote Sun 17-Mar-13 19:29:10

I like VB baths, mine has no tap, it comes out of the side of the bath,

eastbrook for anything else,

just never use anything from VP, as all plumbers hate their shit quality crap.

HowAnnoying Sun 17-Mar-13 19:40:30

We have a bath where water comes out the side, we got the eastbrook one Celsius I think it's called, really liked the duravit bath but budget wouldn't stretch. For all taps and showers we use grohe, DP is a plumber and won buy anything else!

JonesH Fri 05-Apr-13 11:49:14

I think it depends on the particular style you are after! I personally really like matki designs in bathrooms, do contemporary and can offer quite classic vintage designs! I also really love the taps that have the waterfall feature! I think if I had unlimited amount of funds I'd get large stone/marble basins, think look so chic!

itsmummynotmum Fri 05-Apr-13 12:01:33

I just got a v nice 'designer' tap on Ebay, the shop was - I was slightly worried but it was great quality, £50 instead of £150 - a Waterfall style, nickel plated brass... our plumber installed it fine, it came with a pop up plug and all the pipe attachment bits. Bargain!

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