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Ceiling lighting for living room?

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Kahlua4me Thu 07-Mar-13 13:05:44

Type it in a search engine I meant

Kahlua4me Thu 07-Mar-13 13:05:16

If you type in ceiling lights for low ceilings, there are some companies that sell chandeliers for low ceilings that might suit you.

thebestpossibletaste Thu 07-Mar-13 10:42:21

Thanks, have had a good look through, but don't like any of them sad

I think the problem is I'm not at all sophisticated and a bit of an old hippie at heart and they are just too modern for me. What I really want is chandaliers, pref. antique, but it just isn't possible. Not sure what I can find that will suit our house. We don't have antiques, can't afford them, Ikea through and through unfortunately, living room mainly in brown, beige with a bit of duck egg blue and light green thrown in on rug and curtains.

thebestpossibletaste Thu 07-Mar-13 00:14:56

Wow, thanks, lots of suggestions!

Can't follow links as on my phone but will look at them tomorrow smile

WafflyVersatile Thu 07-Mar-13 00:00:16

I hope you come back......

WafflyVersatile Wed 06-Mar-13 23:52:31

I could do this all night.

WafflyVersatile Wed 06-Mar-13 23:47:06

Actually these might meet your glamour/head-safety needs better.

Basically google 'flush ceiling lights' images and see for yourself. smile

WafflyVersatile Wed 06-Mar-13 23:42:12

Lila Flush Ceiling Light

I have one like this:

WafflyVersatile Wed 06-Mar-13 23:40:13

Or their Astrid Spiral Ceiling Flush

or Flush Spiral 10 Light Flush

WafflyVersatile Wed 06-Mar-13 23:38:31

that should be bhs fabien 5 light flush fitting.

WafflyVersatile Wed 06-Mar-13 23:37:05

something like this?

thebestpossibletaste Tue 05-Mar-13 11:12:58

Hope I'm posting in the right place?

We live in a fairly new house and the ceilings are quite low. Up to now we've just had a lampshade in the living room but I would like something a bit more exciting but can't really have a chandelier because my husband is very tall so would bump his head, also think it would look weird when the ceilings are low anyway and add to that my husband doesn't like them!

Any suggestions? Not many shops locally but can order online or get to the usual, i.e. Argos, Homebase etc.

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