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Where did you get your Chesterfield sofa?

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MrsJamin Wed 27-Feb-13 07:46:10

I can't seem to find a Chesterfield in a local showroom... have any of you ordered from one of the Chesterfield internet shops?

PoppyAmex Wed 27-Feb-13 07:56:58

I looked in local shops for AGES and ended up getting ours online from Chesterfields1780 (sorry cant link on phone)

The quality is impeccable and the customer service is amazing, we were ridiculously fussy and they catered to every whim.

MrsJamin Wed 27-Feb-13 08:10:48

Ooh they look lovely, I love the idea of getting it from a smaller British company anyway. Have requested a brochure. Which one did you get?

Succubi Wed 27-Feb-13 08:13:30

John Lewis and I love it. Just gets better with age

MrsJamin Wed 27-Feb-13 08:17:07

John Lewis only have this silver one at the moment - very disappointing.

Succubi Wed 27-Feb-13 08:23:18

That's a shame. I bought mine about three/four years ago. I got the matching arm chairs and mine is the traditional brown (not red). I know that multiyork also do a chesterfield type sofa but I am not sure it's on their website.

georgedawes Wed 27-Feb-13 08:33:37

Bought an old one from local antiques shop. There's loads on ebay too if you like the older ones like me.

PoppyAmex Wed 27-Feb-13 21:49:18

MrsJamin we got a couple of William Blakes; the leather is butter soft and they've been ageing beautifully.

Not the cheapest, but I can honestly say they were worth every penny.

Gingersnap88 Sat 02-Mar-13 22:13:58

Free cycle, originally from habitat. It's lovely and very comfortable smile

piratecat Sat 02-Mar-13 22:17:07

local paper, (very local) there it was for £75. the biggest bargain of my life I think. I never sit in it as I don't find it very comfy, and it's cold!! Looks the mutt's tho.

piratecat Sat 02-Mar-13 22:17:53

mine's quite old, and chocolate brown.

RandallPinkFloyd Sat 02-Mar-13 22:22:30

eBay. There's loads of antique furniture dealers on there and a surprising amount do delivery too.

I have a sofa and a club chair in green. From two different sellers but match perfectly.

Twogoodreasons Sat 02-Mar-13 22:23:37

Are they compulsory? wink

DameDoom Sat 16-Mar-13 20:24:35

Barker and Stonehouse if you are oop north. we have their Asquith sofas which are essentially pre-battered and properly knackered-looking Chesterfields.

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