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Framed toddler artwork ideas

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pizzaqueen Tue 26-Feb-13 18:09:33

My 2 and a half DS room has an echo since we moved him to a full size single bed (weird). So I wondered if some pictures on the wall might help. I've bought a couple of blank ikea frames and thought it would be nice of we could put some of his 'art work' in them and save some money.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a toddler craft activity that would look nice and colourful in a frame?

The rest of his room is a digger theme if that makes a difference.

SaladIsMyFriend Wed 27-Feb-13 11:17:51

Could you copy a picture from a book/online, and get him to colour it in?

Cut colourful bits of card into digger frames/windows/door/wheels etc. and get him to stick it together to make the picture?

Or use fabric scraps - I have just cut some shapes from DD's baby clothes and we're using them to make artwork for her room that also act as keepsakes.

JazzAnnNonMouse Wed 27-Feb-13 16:19:18

An idea that I particularly like is:
Write a word or picture with tape, let toddler go mad with painting, allow to dry, peel off tape and voila!
Or draw with a candle (weird and invisible) then paint and the picture is revealed!



ATouchOfStuffing Fri 01-Mar-13 19:28:28

I was wondering what to do with a lot of the pics my DD has done so thank you for starting this thread. I was previously going to use some as wrapping paper and have decided now to cut out shapes and modge podge/gel glue them onto a canvas. You can do interesting collages with tissue paper and a black window like frame, if that helps! Melting glued on crayolas with a hairdryer always looks fun, but think your LO may need to be a bit bigger? Have a look on Pinterest if you don't understand my babbling!

ATouchOfStuffing Fri 01-Mar-13 19:29:20

Here is a linkypoo

howcomes Sat 02-Mar-13 16:59:25

Ds has a couple of a4 sized picturepockets which we bought on amazon. They have 9 a4 see thru pockets which we rotate his latest artworks in. Each pocket can hold at least 15 sheets of paper and it makes his room look very cheerful. It only cost about a tenner.

We also have the 6 x 4 inch ones which display 80 photos, 40 per side which are all photos of him from a newborn to now (almost 3) he loves this and again looks great on his wall or door.

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