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what neutral to go with pale green and raspberry?

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whyno Wed 20-Feb-13 12:34:14

Eek. Help, I've been trying to decide for weeks and it's never getting done at this rate. My kitchen is painted Willow Tree green by Dulux (I think - we've just moved in) and we need to keep that as it's pretty and would be a pain to change. My blinds and a few other bits and pieces in the kitchen are a raspberry colour but I need to repaint the woodwork (doors, pantry, skirting boards) and an old dresser something neutral. I was thinking of going with F&B lime white which I love but will it clash with my bright white kitchen units (which we can't change either). Should I go with a white white instead to match the units? Or something more contrasting altogether like Dulux Natural Hessian?
Current choices are
Lime White
Natural Hessian
Naural Calico (dulux) - no experience of this but looks a bit paler than hessian
Strong white (f&b)
Jasmine white (dulux)
Someone just please pick for me!!

VestaCurry Wed 20-Feb-13 12:43:08

The only way to check is to get tester pots and paint!

I'd go with a F&B colour every time because the pigment content is so good. but get a few F&B testers. I think you need a white with some warmth in it, to link in with the warmer green and raspberry. A few testers will show you which one to go with that won't clash with the bright white units. Are they gloss?

Think about the finish of the woodwork paint too - F&B do a lovely matte, almost chalky finish one (sorry, ages since we painted). The mix of finishes is as impt as the colours.

whyno Wed 20-Feb-13 13:43:03

You're right. Am going to try a few. If needs be I guess I can paint the big dresser a different colour and stick to white for the rest of the woodwork. At least I've started something now!

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