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Laura Ashley let down

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ggirl Fri 15-Feb-13 09:50:58

That's awful !!
I haven't bought from LA before but have seen their furniture instore and the quality for the price is appalling.
Are you not entitled to a full refund as they are so crap and not fit for purpose?

Aitch2oh Fri 15-Feb-13 09:45:12

I bought two bedside chests and one large chest of drawer from Laura Ashley. They were delivered only ten minutes late by two men who were polite and even put carpet saving covers on their shoes.
They put the chests where I wanted them. The drawers on the chests had to be fitted on runners. All done in ten minutes.
Now for the bad news.
One of the men was using a penknife as a screw driver and I loaned him a Phillips.
After they had gone I tried out the drawers and the bottom drawer of the big chest came out and would not go back in. I phoned LA and I was told that it would be over two weeks to get this repair done. When I protested the man told me that he was going on holiday "if thats all right by you". I replied in what I call my first class sarcasm which was too far over his head for him to understand.
Now; I am old and disabled and I am using another bedroom whilst the furniture change goes on. I cannot move into my bedroom as the sticking out drawer is dangerous and might trip me up. I saw the instructions on how to adjust the runner and to save myself bending over I pulled out an upper drawer to look over the workings to see if I could DIY it
I frantically shut drawers and the but I could not shut the second drawer up so I gave it a jolly good kick whilst holding up the chest and it not only got that drawer shut but the bottom one as well.
I was extremely shaken up and a bit bruised.
I wrote to LA head office.
A man came and repaired the bottom drawer but now my carer, (did I mention I am a disabled pensioner) has seen that the next drawer up is crooked.
I have written to head office again.
I have to say that the chests look very good and suit the room so I have good taste in furniture but I have grave doubts about my taste in furniture shops.
Whilst I await a second visit from LA repair men can anyone tell me if this is just bad luck or is this the usual way LA treats their customers?

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