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Large machine washable woven cotton rug, any one?

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Abzs Wed 13-Feb-13 16:40:14

I was going to say Ikea, but I think the one I have is the one you mentioned. They still do others though, try Bislev (stripy) and Springkorn (single colour with edge trim) - was there this weekend buying shelves, so not allowing self to look at rugs much. They say handwash, but mine goes in the machine on a short cold cycle.

peacefuleasyfeeling Sun 10-Feb-13 08:57:38

Our living room floorboards are getting more and more dented and dinged with every passing day as DD plays in here. It's sort of OK and we do want her to be able to play down here where it's all going on, as opposed to being tucked away all alone in her room, but it would be nice to have some nice and aesthetically pleasing floor protection which isn't a playmat.
I am looking for a large (approx 140 x 200 cm) machine washable cotton woven rag-rug (but no raggy stripes, just a single colour) style rug to cover a largeish area of the floor, onto which she can spill Duplo, bricks and snacks to her heart's content. IKEA used to do a brilliant one called Erslev a while ago, but it seems to have been discontinued. Does anyone know of something like this, and where I can buy / order one?

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