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Blind for kitchen??

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Maxipops Thu 21-Feb-13 14:01:55

Actually Curtainkay, you are right, if you look under the title fabric you can buy it at £83 per mtre but for the same fabric under curtains its £117??? theres a calculator on there which is clever, you can just type in your measurements and chose a fabric and then it gives you a price. So I did it with the tailored check (and as I used make a lot of my own curtains, I know how much fabric I would need) and the cost was definatley based on a lot more than £83 per metre (if what they are advertising is correct and that the curtain making is free). It looks as though they charge more for the fabric when you want curtains making. And in the case of this fabric its 'alot more'. Whatever you do Curtainkay, if you are planning on getting any more curtains from there, double check against others online. its easy to do.

CurtainKay Wed 20-Feb-13 19:12:44

I hadn't noticed that maxipops, although I get £83 per meter on the tailored check (????)
I've bought a few things and been very pleased.
Hope you girlsm get sorted with your kitchens!!

Maxipops Wed 20-Feb-13 16:47:29

I was really interested to see the 'curtains made for free' site.. Curtainkay, but alas a bit dissappointed as it seems that the fabrics are quite a lot more than they are normally, one of the clarke and clarke fabrics 'tailored check' is £117.86 per metre whereas on other sites its £69.30 per metre! looks like for every metre they sell they charge £48 extra to make them into curtains... wow!

Maxipops Wed 20-Feb-13 16:28:41

Yes I would definately have Roman fabric blinds as they have a softer look than venetians. If you buy a fabric that is washable, then you should be able to clean it. I'd take a look at the Harlequin momentum range as they are quite funky and stylish designs and there are definately some aubergine colours in there. I got some made recently from a small shop in my local town. They were more expensive than the venetians but they looked lovely.

CurtainKay Wed 20-Feb-13 15:52:56

Sorry - the red and cream would be a suggestion for makerella, but the fabric also comes in cream and aubergine - could work for ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts !!

CurtainKay Wed 20-Feb-13 15:50:46

Maybe a cream and red stripe????

CurtainKay Wed 20-Feb-13 15:48:25

Hi have a look at the following, huge choice of fabric for roman blinds:

armagh Sat 09-Feb-13 10:00:50

Would you consider a pull up blind rather than a roll down blind. Luxaflex do them. You get privacy and it lets the light in. Marvellous!

member Sat 09-Feb-13 09:51:44

Venetians are a nightmare in a kitchen. I had roman blinds in my last kitchen & they were fine. My current kitchen has roller blinds in an an uninspirational colour/design which I'll replace through time with a vertical striped blind which picks out the colours of the kitchen.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 08-Feb-13 21:59:59

yes i also think vertical blinds should be in an office.

we are just having cream walls (undecided which exact shade yet) so im really not sure. when we had the kitchen designed the images all showed a wooden venetian soxi know it'll look nice but im just not sure...

Crikeyblimey Fri 08-Feb-13 21:17:20

I personally wouldn't get Venitian blinds as they will collect grime and dust.

I have fabric roller blinds and they are fine. I am about o change them for Roman blinds (but my niece is making them, so they will be able to be taken down and washed).

Vertical blinds keep cleaner than horizontal but I tend to think they look a bit "officey".

mackerella Fri 08-Feb-13 21:11:22

No suggestions, but I'm watching this with interest as we also need a blind for our new kitchen! Ours sounds very similar to yours: off-white units, oak worktops, oak floor, red tiles and pale beige (cafe au lait) walls. Also nicer than it sounds grin

I was thinking about fabric blinds, but not sure if they would get too greasy and yucky in a kitchen? (It's not a huge kitchen, about 10 sq m, I think.) As our kitchen is quite plain, with just one colour of tile, etc., I was wondering about a bold Marimekko/1950s style print that picked out the red, and maybe another colour. I was also wondering about wooden venetian blinds, but like you couldn't get very enthusiastic about them...

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 08-Feb-13 11:21:55

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a blind for my kitchen?

I have ivory cupboards and oak surfaces with cream aubergine and black tiles and black appliances and an oak floor. (it's nicer than it sounds!) grin

dh suggested a wooden venetian but im not convinced.

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