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radiator covers for non standard radiators - any experience?

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Shelleylouise Thu 07-Feb-13 17:37:32

Hi, we had some made once and they looked great, but they were made as a favour by a member if our family who is a cabinet maker. I dont think they would be too expensive to have made though, because if you are going to paint them they can be made out of mdf. The lattice panels can be bought fairly inexpensively from b&q and cut to required size. I would think your best bet would be to find a local self employed carpenter. Show him a picture of what you want and ask him to copy it in the right size. Hope this helps.

smilesandsun Fri 01-Feb-13 09:46:22


I'm looking to get some radiator covers but the radiators seem to be a non standard length (1800mm), so we might have to go bespoke / custom.

Any experience / recommendations of good companies?


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