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Help me decorate around my ugly green leather sofa!

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westwardho Sun 03-Feb-13 11:52:49

Brilliant - thank you both!

ILikeToMowIt- I think I was getting so bogged down in Farrow and Ball off-whites / other colours that I had completely overlooked a simple brilliant white. I can see how this would work, especially with some blue / green floral type curtains.

mathanxiety - yes, you're completely right about going with cool tones. Obvious now why the beige / cream sofa doesn't work. Had to google robin's egg blue, as I had no idea what colour robins' eggs were! Love the fabrics you linked to, and can see how these would also work.

Time to try painting some test cards and see what they look like. Wish I had a natural eye for this sort of thing!

mathanxiety Sun 03-Feb-13 07:13:45

Your wall is the wrong colour for the green sofa you have described. You need a cool tone, maybe even a subdued robin's egg blue.

Or red or another deep colour like a deep blue or chocolate brown? Those colours might be a bit too much for your room though.

Your other sofa has a vaguely 1930s look to it.
I would use the second sofa to introduce a colour that would complement the green (maybe a red accent) and possibly repeat that on the walls.
Splash of red on black here -- deep colour might help the small sofa stand up to the strong green one.

Or this floral with grey/aqua that could be used on the walls.
Similar cool red/pink tone to above, and same light aqua, plus cool yellow in this one.

I would use cushions for the leather sofa, in cool but bright tones -- no beige. If you reupholster the other sofa try to repeat a colour from that.

ILikeToMowIt Fri 01-Feb-13 22:53:28

i'd be tempted to say: this sofa wants to dominate, because you are trying desperately to subdue it : by trying to match the green of the sofa on the wall.
It does depend a little on the green of the sofa, but personally I'd keep the walls neutral, brilliant white. Get some light curtains, cottons or see-through whatever it is called, whites with greens/blues (ferns, flowers nothing too bold). Perhaps get a few cushions for on the sofa, not too big.
Not sure what to do with the second sofa though...

westwardho Thu 31-Jan-13 12:03:13

I have this sofa in dark green leather. i wanted an antique type Chesterfield effect (but DH doesn't like Chesterfields, so this was the compromise). But it doesn't quite work - too big, a bit shiny, dominates the room and the green has a slight blue-ish tinge to it rather than the lived in warm green leather I was hoping for.

We've also got this style of sofa in a beige-y gemoetric pattern, and the walls are painted in Ball Green F&B . The floors are stripped pine boards.

The whole thing just doesn't work together and is annoying me! Can't afford to replace the green leather sofa, so have to work around it somehow.

An bright ideas on what colours / styles might work with it, both for the second sofa (which I will probably replace) and wall colours? Should I go with a bold plain colour for the other sofa, or something more neutral (think I want to steer away from pattern, after this unsuccessful attempt)? And ditto the walls?

And is there any way I can make the leather sofa a little cosier? The leather is quite slippy, so draping a throw over it probably isn't going to work.

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