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Wallpaper for small cloakroom

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HeadFairy Mon 21-Jan-13 20:22:17

I agree, don't do just one wall... go for it. I'm contemplating doing something similar. The spare room at my mum and dad's is a small single and they've done it in toile de juy with curtains and bedspread in the same print. It looks fab!

Brightonite Mon 21-Jan-13 20:18:51

I'm doing the lot and am gradually working my way around my house obliterating the 'paint it all magnolia to de-characterise it' decor. grin

notMarlene Fri 18-Jan-13 17:50:55


notMarlene Fri 18-Jan-13 17:49:56

I wonder if the patteren being so vertical might give a bit of a 'lift shaft' feel IYSWIM, like stilling at the bottom of a hole. Not sure. Still think it's a great prit but maybe better in a larger space. I've been having a nose and TBH I really like loads of their patterns, their Cow Parsley has a similar fwwl to the woods but is softer and less vertical. LOve the blue and they grey but they're all bootiful

notMarlene Fri 18-Jan-13 17:35:16

Yeah, it's a great print still 80% magnolia though

I confer. One wall is naff.

bigbadbarry Fri 18-Jan-13 17:33:20

Lol noddyholder at cross posting consensus re naff ness smile

bigbadbarry Fri 18-Jan-13 17:32:52

I have that paper in my hall, love it. Don't do one wall, very naff - if you are gong to do it, go for it! What's the worst that can happen? Friend of mine did her tiny loo in a monochrome paper with London and Paris landmarks, looks fabulous.

Flossiechops Fri 18-Jan-13 17:30:50

I love that wallpaper, go for it!

noddyholder Fri 18-Jan-13 17:28:06

A small room can take a busy paper. It makes a statement. Don't do one wall -naff.

Brightonite Fri 18-Jan-13 17:26:38

I could do, but wanted a bit more impact... Maybe I need to go back to the drawing board on the wall paper front. Thanks

daisie4 Fri 18-Jan-13 16:44:49

Why not just do it on one wall?

mumblechum1 Fri 18-Jan-13 15:19:16

tbh I think it would feel a bit "enclosing" iykwim.

Brightonite Fri 18-Jan-13 15:16:38

Am desperate for a bit of interest in an otherwise Magnolia house. I need some inspiration for wall papering a 10ft by 4ft cloakroom. I was considering this but am now panicking that it will be too much. Any views?!

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