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Any tips on buying at auction please?

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BuiltForComfort Tue 15-Jan-13 18:19:05

Thanks that's really helpful. Anyone else got more tips please?

betterwhenthesunshines Tue 15-Jan-13 16:39:36

Keep an eye on their website list to spot anything of interest, but I wouldn't bid on anything that you haven't seen. You need to see it to check for damage scratches etc that all is acceptable. Ours also usually has 600-800 lots so it's easier to go and have a quick look round than read a huge list!

Don't forget you need to add commission + VAT on that to the hammer price. Usually about 20%. But if they give a guide price, it can go for less than that if you are prepared to be cheeky and no one else is interested (as long as there isn't a reserve)

The auctions can go on for a long time. I've been once (and come home with some things that weren't on my original 'buy' list blush ).

Usually I fill in the form and leave a commission bid. You put down the top bid you are prepared to pay and then it depends on other bids in the room. I have got what I wanted about 50% of the time - sometimes for a lot less than my top price, sometimes quite close. It can be frustrating if you miss out on something you liked, especially if it was only £10 more, but it does avoid getting carried away in a bidding war.

BuiltForComfort Tue 15-Jan-13 16:21:11

I am scouring a couple of local auction room websites dor a very particular type of table. When one comes up I will be there like a shot, but I've never done an auction before. Any tips?

Should I go along for browsing and other auctions to make myself more known or is that a waste of time? Will they put everything on their websites or do I need to check it out in person anyway to make sure I don't miss anything? When it comes to registering / bidding, how does it work?

And .... There is a chance I would have to take ds with me, he's 5.8 and can sit quietly with a book or game, but is that REALLY daft or even allowed? I'd only be bidding for the one thing I want, not sitting there the whole way through.

Thanks in advance!

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