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Pls help make my kitchen look more expensive!

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Lottiesinteriors Tue 15-Jan-13 10:24:14

Hi Pebblepots

I think maybe you need to add some colour somewhere in your kitchen. Sounds from your description and from having looked at the link that it might be that the whole look is perhaps too neutral...too bland perhaps (not meant as an insult by the way!). You could try some colour either on any areas of wall that could be painted...and/or by adding a coloured blind (I know you say that the existing blind is nice...but maybe consider an alternative...perhaps with a pattern...something to draw the eye too). As the existing scheme seems to feature quite earthy, natural tones (wood, terra cotta etc) I would suggest that you look at the same for paintwork....terra cotta-toned colours. Depending how light the kitchen is, will depend how bold you want to go. Don't go too orange though. Generally speaking though, sounds like you need a bit of background depth to show off the kitchen. Vivid, earthy blues also go well with terra cotta so if you have any small items of wooden furniture, a single chair or something like that, you could paint it and this would add some further interest to the room. Hope this is of some help. Happy to help/suggest further if required. Lottie

PebblePots Sun 06-Jan-13 21:54:52

Link again:

PebblePots Sun 06-Jan-13 21:53:28

I have a cheap Homebase kitchen, the Napoli Maple range

The worktops are mottled brown, floors are terracotta tiles. The wall tiles are light & slightly darker cream in a check pattern. The paint is cream, nice blind in wood.

When I look at the kitchen I just think it looks cheap; so, what can I do with paint colour & accessories to make it look more polished & expensive?

Thank you!

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