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PurdyShaky Mon 17-Sep-12 17:49:54

There is only one other thread in here so I claim this topic as MINE!!!

Shaky Tue 30-Oct-12 17:12:29

Sssh! MNHQ are in the thread next door having a pumpkin competition and drinking gin

ScreamyShriekyFrightyWoozyWooo Mon 29-Oct-12 10:56:10

Oh! here you are! grin

DZoH Mon 29-Oct-12 07:31:41

Settles down on a beanbag with a cafetiere and a plate of warm chocolate croissants.

Ponders on appropriate alpha male outfit.

James Bond, Henry VIII or Superman ??



Shaky Fri 26-Oct-12 23:33:07

Right, polishing done, floors brushed and mopped, febreeze sprayed, cushions plumped, throws thrown, beanbags strategically placed, hot tub nicked from the puddle.

<goes off to find pumpkin and shitload of pick & mix>

Shaky Fri 26-Oct-12 23:15:38

I've got rid of the spiders but I'm leaving the cobwebs for Halloween grin

Shaky Fri 26-Oct-12 22:52:10

Yay, my topic is still here.

I need to do a bit of cleaning, the nativity play might be coming here.

<gets out dust buster and polish>

nickeldaisical Wed 26-Sep-12 15:01:14

here's one i made earlier.

yummy yummy cake mix....

givemeaclue Wed 26-Sep-12 14:45:39

where are the blardy pictures?

Shaky Sat 22-Sep-12 23:49:59

Ok, yes, and the cakes!


<writes note to self that when I've finished decorating must do cake making course>

EmpressOfTheGoldOceans Sat 22-Sep-12 23:46:59

And the marshmallows!

TheBonkeyMollocks Sat 22-Sep-12 22:11:30

.....and the cakes!!!

Shaky Sat 22-Sep-12 22:10:40

Yes, the puddle is gorgeous and comfy and snugly.

I'm still decorating....thanks for the paints.

I've not got the horrible cold, I didn't bring it to the puddle honest!

<Admits the coffee in the puddle is better>

StateofConfusion Sat 22-Sep-12 21:57:47

So this is where we are getting all our cold germs from in the puddle. And posher coffee <raises eyebrows> we have naice cushions and comforters though.

TwllBach Sat 22-Sep-12 21:40:39

I'm only here to say I live on Anglesey... Do I get some sort of prize??

Shaky Sat 22-Sep-12 21:35:21

Ooh well done Rachel I'm impressed, yes please put up a pic!
Sorry you are feeling poorly Nickel I hope you feel better soon. thanks

RachelHRD Sat 22-Sep-12 16:19:28

First drop of the teal magnolia wallpaper done smile will post a pic when it's finished!

nickeldaisical Sat 22-Sep-12 11:31:37

I think my cold's getting worse.

I'm trying to be helpful to these customers and I must sounds like a surly teenager! shock

SillyBeardyDaddyman Fri 21-Sep-12 18:29:10

I'm in a cantankerous mood today and thought MN needed to take itself less seriously today grin

And how did you know about the kitten/puppy kicking?!?

Shaky Fri 21-Sep-12 17:42:49

I bought my first ever size 8 jeans today!

Shaky Fri 21-Sep-12 17:32:00

What's got into you today beardy?

Why thank you Nickel

nickeldaisical Fri 21-Sep-12 17:26:22

i preferred calling you purdy it matches how purdy you are.

nickeldaisical Fri 21-Sep-12 17:25:30

bit far for the daily commute though! shock

Shaky Fri 21-Sep-12 17:02:37

Hello people,

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you all.

I've had a mad, busy catch up with housework session today. The place was a tip after having ds at home with the pox. I am now admiring my empty laundry basket and shiny floors.

<lays down posher coffee than the puddle serves, hot chocolate and sherbert dib dabs>

I've not been told off, god knows how!

Ds went back to nursery yesterday as he is now recovered from the chicken pox, he was a nightmare last night though. I think he's just over tired and a bit out of routine after being poorly.

StateofConfusion Fri 21-Sep-12 17:00:03

<Adds and puppys to the stamp on daddyman> git that will be in my head for hours.

nickel move it to bury st edmunds, stock pin toy/melissa and doug stuff and it will be a huge sucess and I will come coo over your dd and bring you home baked goodies. <Misses little independant toy and book shop in home town>

nickeldaisical Fri 21-Sep-12 16:56:14

I'm grumpy too.
I've got a cold.

I want to move my shop somewhere else, but the only chance I have is moving it to a different town/village and I don't know anywhere else (everywhere round here is too small to keep a bookshop)

go into toys, too? how would I keep up with trends? i don't know anything about toys! (and they're firm sale...)

DD is crouchy with the same cold, and won't be appeased by DH/
and she's just had a nap.

and the cup of homey and lenom that DH has just made me hasn't done anything to make me feel better.

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