Air bnb cancelled with less than 48 hours notice

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herecomesthsun Thu 22-Jul-21 17:32:37

We are quietly annnoyed.

Anyone else in this situation?

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herecomesthsun Thu 22-Jul-21 17:34:22

I should add, we are the people who would have been renting the house, for a week. We booked months ago and have already paid. We apparently will get refunded, eventually, and air bnb are offering us 10% of the total price if we rebook.

Prices are now hugely more expensive than when we booked...

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RandomMess Thu 22-Jul-21 17:35:25

That's shit sadthanks

Holidaycittage Thu 22-Jul-21 17:35:29

shock what was the reason for cancelling?!

herecomesthsun Thu 22-Jul-21 17:39:14

oh no reason given.

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herecomesthsun Thu 22-Jul-21 17:39:57

Oh and we would not have been able to cancel the booking our end.

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BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Thu 22-Jul-21 17:39:59

Presume covid related? Eg current occupant staying on due to isolation?


NotPersephone Thu 22-Jul-21 17:40:15

They’ve canceled because they can let it fit someone else for 50% more. How utterly shitty of them.

herecomesthsun Thu 22-Jul-21 17:41:27

I am wondering whether we get to leave a review.

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BikeRunSki Thu 22-Jul-21 17:44:34


Presume covid related? Eg current occupant staying on due to isolation?

I was thinking this might be the case

knittingaddict Thu 22-Jul-21 17:53:20


Presume covid related? Eg current occupant staying on due to isolation?

Wouldn't they say that though? I would feel much more kindly towards the owner in those circumstances.

oneglassandpuzzled Thu 22-Jul-21 17:54:37

I’m angry on your behalf

QuentinBunbury Thu 22-Jul-21 17:56:03

This happened to me last October and I suspect its cos prices had gone up angry it is infuriating

Frenchfancy Thu 22-Jul-21 17:57:28

I'm pretty sure that if you don't stay you can leave a review.

It is one of the problems with airbnb. You don't really have a contract.

herecomesthsun Thu 22-Jul-21 17:58:09

I do have the landlord's mobile phone number however/

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Buttybach Thu 22-Jul-21 17:58:52

I know of a few people who do Air B and B and they usually stay in a caravan elsewhere while they have letters.
If the family have to isolate they can't do the caravan.

ElizabethTudor Thu 22-Jul-21 17:58:53

If no reason is given I’d be well annoyed, because I’d assume they’re re-listing at inflated prices. Whereas if there was a legitimate reason (ie current occupants have to stay on due to Covid I’d be far more sympathetic). Can you raise a complaint with AirBnB?

Shmithecat2 Thu 22-Jul-21 18:18:14

See if you're able to book it again for the same dates....

herecomesthsun Thu 22-Jul-21 18:21:04

There appears now to be a valid reason emanating from airbnb for this smile

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herecomesthsun Thu 22-Jul-21 18:22:07

(not covid related and not sure why such short notice but hey)

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oneglassandpuzzled Thu 22-Jul-21 18:23:58

Is there any chance of booking anywhere else?

Holidaycittage Thu 22-Jul-21 18:27:28

How do you know it's not Covid related op? Didn't you have on going messaging with them prior to stay?

LawnFever Thu 22-Jul-21 18:31:53


See if you're able to book it again for the same dates....

This, keep checking the site to see if it’s resisted - or listed elsewhere, I’ve heard of this happening to a few people

ramarama Thu 22-Jul-21 19:02:18

Ah good. I was angry on your behalf.

NB almost all the airbnb notifications 'host cancelled this booking' are because they have decided to accept cash for the booking directly (either from the original booker, saving the hefty commission, or from someone else who has offered more) It's been going on way longer than covid

herecomesthsun Thu 22-Jul-21 20:39:03

I just got an offer from airbnb suggesting another property. Approximately FIFTEEN TIMES the cost of the original booking [laughs a lot]. I can't seem to find a way to reply directly to them.

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