Driving from the UK to Switzerland?

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Trenisenne Thu 22-Jul-21 20:22:09

I thought about doing this over the summer, but in the opposite direction. Decided against it because I didn’t want to get stuck in the middle (I.e. france) with some rule change. I opted for flying.

As pp said, your kids will need to quarantine since they are not vaccinated. They can exit quarantine on day 7 if they have a negative test and if the cantonal doctor gives the ok. There are centres all over Geneva that do this.

The quarantine is in place because of the incidence of delta (variant of concern). It’s now the predominant variant in Switzerland, so maybe they might just give up in the coming weeks (at least that’s what I am hoping…)

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 22-Jul-21 16:34:14

I would fly direct into Geneva and bypass France completely.

FCO travel advice re Switzerland:-


churchroad Thu 22-Jul-21 16:27:53

Assuming the adults are fully vaccinated Switzerland doesn’t require a test of anyone, just the children have to quarantine.

France: see www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/coming-to-france/coronavirus-advice-for-foreign-nationals-in-france/
At the moment minors are ok travelling with vaccinated adults - there is some other paperwork required that’s detailed here - but watch requirements closely (on both sides) as the French wave is underway and rules may change.

Follow the UK rules on returning from an Amber country (pre dep test, plus days 2 and 8 at a minimum) but because that includes France you will all have to quarantine on return under current rules.

churchroad Thu 22-Jul-21 16:16:50

Yes you would be liable for both of you transit France on the way home. You do realise kids have to quarantine in CH for 10 days if you have been in the UK? On entering CH I believe you can knock off any time you’ve spent in France.

Waves12345 Thu 22-Jul-21 13:36:24

Im really confused about the current traffic light situation, would we be liable for French and Swiss entry covid requirements and return to the UK requirements if we drove non stop from Calais to Geneva? I'd feel safer and more in control driving myself, but is it more straight forward to just fly into Switzerland and hire a car? I have three children (10,7,5) and Im also a bit unsure who Id have to book tests for pre dep and arrival back to the UK if I decide its possible to do this long awaited trip to see my family.

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