Double vaccinated two weeks to the day?

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GreenestValley Wed 21-Jul-21 21:50:45

I’m planning to fly to Spain next Thursday, having had my second vaccine two weeks before on the day. Does this mean I count as double jabbed or do I need the PCR test? It feels logical it’s two weeks, but it’s on day 14 rather than after... anyone able to clarify?
Thanks so much

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Anaphylaxis Thu 22-Jul-21 10:30:17

It would be not wise to assume 14 day is the same as the 14th day - this is where they can take advantage of being "open to interpretation". I would make sure the departure date is the 15th date since the vaccine hence avoid the argument altogether. I flew on the 16th day. Or just take the PCR test or LFT anyway as a backup.

candymad Thu 22-Jul-21 16:39:08

The Uk government advice on being fully vaccinated to return to the uk from amber countries is that you must have had the final dose 14 whole days before returning to the uk, the day you have your final dose does not count as one of the 14 days.
This definition would make it 15 days until you can fly ie the Friday

IsabellesMissingSock Thu 22-Jul-21 16:45:27

I think you count the jab date as day 0.

Nootkah Sat 24-Jul-21 20:12:38

Day 1 is the day after the jab

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