Durham passport office phone number?

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TartanBonnet Fri 13-Aug-21 14:23:50

Just had an email to say my DC's passport has been approved!! Hopefully will be posted in time as we're flying out in 9 days! Still haven't had word of mine though.

Feeling more positive! Have booked my parking!

Getoveritnow Sun 08-Aug-21 14:37:07

Our holiday has now been cancelled so it’s another hurdle to cross. We’re desperately wanting to go still but are booking as soon as we have the passport. Running out of time and we can’t travel after the 22nd. Kids are still counting sleeps.

HeavenHotel Sun 08-Aug-21 12:46:40

gettingoveritnow still no news!!

When are you flying?

So bloody stressful!

Getoveritnow Fri 06-Aug-21 23:01:03

How’s it going Heavenhotel? Any joy? Still waiting here!

HeavenHotel Thu 05-Aug-21 12:44:12

OMG I feel your pain. So so so stressful! I managed to talk to lovely Customer Services guy who has (hopefully) chased my lost passport.

But my daughter's? Well just have to wait and see... 15 days!

Although got to admit, good diet! Lost half a stone worrying, not being able to eat and not sleeping!!

Whatisthisarghhh Thu 05-Aug-21 12:35:42

@HeavenHotel we are waiting on a child renewal. Sent 2 off together early July and one has been returned but the other looks to have been sent to another office for processing! Have emailed 2 addresses above, DM'd on Twitter and rang but no joy. So frustrating! We are due to travel next week

HeavenHotel Thu 05-Aug-21 09:18:54

@travellingagain did you get the passport?
According to www.passportwaitingtime.co.uk passports are only taking a couple of weeks!


HeavenHotel Tue 03-Aug-21 11:47:01

Oh god swiss I love you! Hahaa

Can't believe they gave me the wrong email address!!!

Off to Twitter!

Swissroll1 Tue 03-Aug-21 11:42:35

@HeavenHotel - they did reply to my first email after just over 24 hours. The follow up email to that took them about a week to reply to, by which point my passport had arrived.

Try the email address i posted further above? I would also private message them on Twitter as they are most responsive on there and reply usually same day.

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HeavenHotel Tue 03-Aug-21 11:22:19

@Swissroll1 did you actually get anyone to reply to that email?

I've got a nightmare. I accidentally sent my own passport back instead of my kid's old passport.

So now neither of us have a passport! We're flying out in 18 days. I feel so sick.

I phoned them but after waiting 4 hours to actually talk to someone they said to email


But nobody has got back to me (what a suppose)!

I've also done the online query message, which they said they get back to me in 24 hours! Yeah of course they haven't!

So did anyone reply to you? Can't believe I've mucked up like this!

travellingagain Thu 29-Jul-21 16:38:08

Thank you. That’s really helpful. I’ll email them. Lesson learnt to regularly check all passports!!

Appreciate you replying!!

Swissroll1 Thu 29-Jul-21 16:23:31

It was from receiving documents. Ours was an overseas application so probably took a little longer than average. If you are travelling and have proof, send proof of your trip to Liverpool@hmpo.gov.uk with the subject line as follows “Urgent – date of travel xx/xx/xx” - they say they can’t expedite it but I think maybe they do have some kind of prioritisation. Who knows. Good luck!

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travellingagain Thu 29-Jul-21 15:59:02

Thanks so much for replying!! So pleased for you!!! What a relief.

Was that 3.5 weeks from receiving your old passport or from application? We only have 15 days left now so I’m not feeling confident.

I’ve also rung and they were very kind but not sure there is much they can do. May I ask who you emailed?

Anyway, brilliant news you have yours. smile

Swissroll1 Thu 29-Jul-21 15:41:43

Sorry no, but my passport did come! I emailed and called the main number several times. Whether that helped it progress, I doubt, but I now have it. Took 3.5 weeks for a first application

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travellingagain Thu 29-Jul-21 15:04:50

I’ve been trying to find out the same thing! Any joy?

Swissroll1 Wed 21-Jul-21 09:40:58

Long shot - does anyone have a direct phone number? Not the general helpline...

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