Things to do with 4yo and 6yo in central Manchester?

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Meeko505 Tue 20-Jul-21 17:19:39

Hi everyone

Am taking my 2 kids to central Manchester in August for a short weekend trip as our 'holiday' this year. I'm looking for suggestions for things to do: so far the only definite yes on my list is the Museum of Industry. Criteria are:

- Ideally central, we're going there on the train and staying centrally so don't want to spend ages on buses. The kids will want to try the tram so if there's somewhere we can combine with a tram ride this is OK!

- Not too expensive. I was up for paying £25 ish for all of us to go to Play Factore soft play for 2 hours, but Legoland for example is probably too expensive and honestly I'm not sure how much my kids would enjoy it. I might also look at SeaLife centre, but basically I would like to not spend too much overall!

I'm probably going to pencil in 4 main activities (one for each AM and PM on Sat + Sun) plus ideally a short list of things like playparks etc. to stop by if we're in the area.


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Turkishangora Tue 20-Jul-21 17:21:41

Heaton park is a good tram trip from town and the entrance is right next to the tram stop. Massive park with a cafe, train, playparks, petting zoo and the like.

Meeko505 Tue 20-Jul-21 17:25:31


Heaton park is a good tram trip from town and the entrance is right next to the tram stop. Massive park with a cafe, train, playparks, petting zoo and the like.

oh this is absolutely perfect thank you!

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Whirlywooo Tue 20-Jul-21 17:29:14

SeaLife & Legoland usually do an offer if you buy tickets for both at the same time as they are right next door to each other.

MrsHookey Tue 20-Jul-21 17:34:35

Last time I was there, there was no air con in the lego place. It was insufferably hot.

There is a Facebook group for families called "Happy days out" based around Manchester and it has great ideas.

TheTurn0fTheScrew Tue 20-Jul-21 17:35:26

aquatic centre for a swim is pretty cheap
Museum of Transport - if you get lucky they might be doing a heritage bus trip to the museum and back, which they often run on summer weekends.
Manchester museum is free and has a vivarium and dinosaur stuff.
Salford museum is free - the Victorian street is good fun
and take 'em to Black Milk for a biscoff mikshake.

Turkishangora Tue 20-Jul-21 18:08:20

Oh yes Manchester museum is perfect for this age group and the café is pretty good too! Plus a bit further down whitworth park is lovely with sculptures and things the kids can climb on..


Meeko505 Wed 21-Jul-21 09:44:43

Thank you everyone, these are some great suggestions and I feel like I have a lot more to go on now!

Would like to save plenty of budget for food/treats/gift shop toys (since this is what the kids will really get excited about) so Black Milk is a great shout, thanks!

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Yubaba Wed 21-Jul-21 10:02:23

The police museum in the northern quarter is good and it’s free but it’s only open Tuesday and Thursday.
Manchester museum on Oxford road
Manchester art gallery on Mosley street
Central library in St. Peter’s square
Imperial War museum north in Salford quays

BarberQueue Wed 21-Jul-21 11:27:55

Mini golf

emmathedilemma Wed 21-Jul-21 13:27:21

Tram to Bury and then a ride on the East Lancs Railway (steam service at certain times).
How old are they? I'd say the Imperial War Museum is too much for little ones but the Lowry might have something on over the school holidays and the development round the BBC studios has the Blue Peter garden (surprisingly small!), some play features and there's usually some CBBC character statues around. It's just a nice area for a walk and check out what's going on on the water etc. You might even be able to get a boat down from Castlefield.

emmathedilemma Wed 21-Jul-21 13:28:13

sorry, ages are in the title, doh! Definitely too young to appreciate the war museum IMO then, they might even find it scary.

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