Narrow Car Seats for Plane?

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thommoal Tue 20-Jul-21 14:07:34

Hi all,

North American who is temporarily living in the UK caring for a family member. We always purchase a seat for our 15 month old to fly and Air Canada allow us to use a North American rear facing seat (Cosco Scenera Next) but the EU/UK have different seat requirements, so we're on the hunt for a UK seat for travel only.

We're travelling with Jet2 in a few weeks, and apparently they require car seats to be 42cm or less in width.

Where on earth is anyone finding a car seat this width?!?! We need a convertible as we have a tall boy who's exceeded the height and weight limit of infant seats, and we'd prefer it to be rear facing but will reluctantly get a forward facing seat if we're able to take it on the plane.

What seats have you found?! Any recommendations gratefully received, otherwise I'm taking the cosco on the plane and begging forgiveness.

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Aroundtheworldin80moves Tue 20-Jul-21 14:10:07

Britain Eclipse is plane certified... but is forward facing.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Tue 20-Jul-21 14:10:30

That should be BRITAX not Britain

Willwebebuyingnumber11 Tue 20-Jul-21 14:12:10

Why are you taking a car seat? I’ve always sat my children on my knee when under age 2.

thommoal Tue 20-Jul-21 14:14:36

I prefer the peace of mind of having them in a restraint in case of turbulence, it's our personal preference! Also it's been worth the money on all our flights 100x over as he's soooo heavy!!

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ImInStealthMode Tue 20-Jul-21 14:16:23

You don't require a car seat at all on a flight, so long as you seat them on your lap during take off, landing and any time the seatbelt signs are on. Jet2 only fly short to medium haul so it won't be a particularly long flight? I wouldn't bother.

Willwebebuyingnumber11 Tue 20-Jul-21 14:17:37

@thommoal completely understandable. I don’t have any recommendations, sorry. But wanted to be sure you knew you didn’t need one.


thommoal Tue 20-Jul-21 14:17:43

Just to be clear, i'm not asking opinions on whether i don't need a car seat or can lap seat. We've paid for a seat for them, we'll take a car seat, just looking for advice on narrow ones from others who've made the same choice.

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LakeShoreD Tue 20-Jul-21 14:25:50

Ive done a lot of flying with mine as babies and I can’t say it’s crossed my mind to ever use a car seat once they can sit up but… would you be open to checking the car seat and using a cares harness for the flight?

Angelica789 Tue 20-Jul-21 18:55:34

Are they really going to measure the seat? I don’t know. I’ve never seen anyone use a car seat on a short haul flight. It’s such a heavy thing to carry around the airport and the rules say they have to be on your lap anytime the seatbelt sign is illuminated anyway.

thommoal Wed 21-Jul-21 10:32:17

After a 3 hour hold to Jet2, we got the okay to use our Scenera Next as it has the Canadian ECE equivalency certificate. But they also advised Britax car seats and a Halfords own brand!

@LakeShoreD i haven't seen a cares harness, they're not approved in North America but I'll do some research! Thank you!

This has been a really interesting contrast to flying USA > UK/ CA > USA, where car seats are encouraged for safety reasons and there's lots of travel lightweight ones but they make you pay an adult fare for a seat, compared to Jet2 who gave us an extra seat for 39 quid but there's so few options on the market and people don't take advantage.

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LakeShoreD Wed 21-Jul-21 10:46:50

The cares harness is FAA approved!
Not sure about Canada but definitely fine for the US.

It basically gives you the safety of the car seat because it’s like car seat straps but without the gaff of having to lug a massive car seat around the airport. I can’t vouch for one personally, I’m a diva when it comes to long haul travel and they’re not compatible with flat bed seats only the economy/premium economy ones, but I’ve heard a few American friends rave about them!

But glad to hear you’re sorted with the car seat, happy travels grin

gogohm Wed 21-Jul-21 11:21:13

The lighter weight travel ones mostly done comply with either safety regs for car use hence not being available. When mine were small we had these folding cushion seats for the plane, I checked, illegal in U.K. but still available in USA

Aroundtheworldin80moves Wed 21-Jul-21 11:26:38

Its good you've found something.

Our first flight was when DD2 was 2.5... but she was the size of an average 16mo. It seemed madness she was expected to sit on an adult seat with the lap belt (we were moving abroad and had decided to take her ERF seat instead of the Britax seat that DD1 had had). The airline weren't that happy about such a small child not being held for landing/take off but because she was 2.5 legally she couldn't.

There should be better options for toddlers on planes.

thommoal Thu 22-Jul-21 17:16:08

@LakeShoreD I purchased a Cares Harness just in case, I'm so glad you pointed me in that direction! Thank you!

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LakeShoreD Thu 22-Jul-21 19:15:59

Excellent, glad I was able to help grin

BertieBotts Thu 22-Jul-21 19:17:51

It's just the bottom of the seat that needs to be 42cm as it's about fitting between arm rests. Joie tilt should fit. I've also heard of Joie Steadi and britax two way elite being used on planes.

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