New York November ‘23

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ExpatForLife Tue 20-Jul-21 13:59:47

Avoid the 3rd week of November unless you especially want the Thanksgiving in NY experience. Lots of stuff will be closed, any restaurant serving dinner will charge a fortune, etc.

tanstaafl Tue 20-Jul-21 09:53:52

And how long are you going for?
Are you happy to hire a car and explore a little?
Daily budget for hotel ( they’re mostly room only )
Are you ok with a lot of walking mixed with subway?

tanstaafl Tue 20-Jul-21 09:50:44

Ok, does it have to be November ?

ReindeerPoop Mon 19-Jul-21 23:29:15

Any tips: when booking will be available, how to book, places to stay, places to go etc etc please!

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