Long haul November - girls trip

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beckysamantha91 Mon 19-Jul-21 21:29:46


Hoping for some inspiration.

Due to cancelled flights because of Covid me and two of my girlfriends have flight vouchers with BA (via netflights) worth £900 each that we need to use (because of our own availability) in November. We can only use the voucher in one go, hence thinking to maximise value, we should go long haul. (Was originally Maldives but for complicated reasons we now don't want to go there)

We're looking to be away for 8 nights and are looking for somewhere around £1000 p/p for hotel and excursions, with possibly a bit more to spend if we get a tour of some sort!

We're thinking Jamaica/St Lucia type places but wondered if anyone had anywhere specific they could recommend be it location, hotel, or tour!

Many thanks in advance smile

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Mindgone Tue 20-Jul-21 23:41:36

Could you book something through BA Holidays? We’ve just come back from Barbados, booked through them, and very happy with all aspects.

Zodlebud Thu 22-Jul-21 07:21:09

November is hurricane season in the Caribbean so head as far south as you can e.g. Barbados.

Mauritius is fabulous that time of year.

Franklin12 Sun 25-Jul-21 18:29:13

Mauritius is wonderful although the drinks prices are shocking. Might be worth looking at at an all inclusive. It is a few levels up from the Caribbean but not cheap. It’s also a 12 hour flight but we have been twice. It has some CV19 restrictions at present so do check those out,

Polkadotties Sun 25-Jul-21 18:31:03

Mexico is lovely in November. Been several times at this time of the year and always had hot, sunny holidays.

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