Help me find a holiday in August

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rosalindwi Mon 19-Jul-21 19:29:46

So DH has just announced that he has a holiday starting 6th- 15th august so basically a week with some flexibility. I've told him this is far far too late to book anything! We would go anywhere UK, self catered or hotel and budget is pretty good. Us and a child. Any ideas? Are there any websites that post cancellations? We don't want to go abroad.

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NatMoz Mon 19-Jul-21 20:12:49

There will be something but obviously v expensive in hyped up holiday locations.

Do you camp (tent)?

minipie Mon 19-Jul-21 20:19:49

Start with airbnb and vrbo, plug in your dates and bedrooms etc and you’ll find some options. Might not be in your first choice of location, but there will be something especially with a decent budget.

doorornottodoor Mon 19-Jul-21 20:33:47

What kind of thing do you like? How many people?

ivykaty44 Mon 19-Jul-21 20:36:45

What is your budget and do you like seaside? Country side or both? Roughly how far from rough area will you travel?

doorornottodoor Mon 19-Jul-21 20:36:54

Just popped dates into Airbnb and this came up. Looks gorgeous. Expensive though!. Loads to do in Edinburgh and surrounds.

hellcatspangle Mon 19-Jul-21 20:49:04



hellcatspangle Mon 19-Jul-21 20:52:55


DeeDimer Mon 19-Jul-21 20:56:07

Pitched up is normally quite good.

hellcatspangle Mon 19-Jul-21 20:58:15


wineosaurus4 Mon 19-Jul-21 21:00:34

@rosalindwi Have you looked at Sun Holidays? Starting at £9.50pp! There's plenty and only just released yesterday. We got Mon-Fri, static caravan at a great looking site, family of 4 for £90!! We are in Scotland but booked a site in Morpeth just to get away from 'home'.

wineosaurus4 Mon 19-Jul-21 21:01:06

Oh, you will need 10 codes in order to access the deals, which I can give you if interested smile

rosalindwi Mon 19-Jul-21 21:53:53

Budget maybe 2-3.5k for a week. We wouldn't include driving there or expenses when there though. We like being outdoorsy ideally and love countryside

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rosalindwi Mon 19-Jul-21 21:55:19

3 of us and we don't camp! I mean we could but then we would have to buy all the kit and store it after and I'm expecting. I love the idea of it though! Maybe I should look at renting a camper van.

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Junegirl15 Mon 19-Jul-21 22:12:04

Try Hoseasons - still have options for August. Go for as high a rating as you can afford. Good for late availability.

MinnieMountain Tue 20-Jul-21 06:26:14

The youth hostels have availability. Just put in your dates, select private room and show available hostels only. It comes up with a variety of places

ivykaty44 Tue 20-Jul-21 06:51:28

Stratford upon Avon youth hostel has available family room for around £400 for the week

ivykaty44 Tue 20-Jul-21 06:53:30

Use booking dot com and set out what you want in the filters, plenty about for your dates

emmathedilemma Tue 20-Jul-21 10:31:38

I found quite a lot of availability for static caravans and lodges with the big chain sites e.g. Parkdean and Hoseasons. They're nothing fancy but if you just need a change of scenery they're fine.

rosalindwi Thu 22-Jul-21 18:36:27

Managed to find a cottage... not sure how! Thanks for the ideas folks.

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silkience Thu 22-Jul-21 19:03:55

@wineosaurus4 I would really love those codes if you don't mind sharing?

herecomesthsun Thu 22-Jul-21 20:40:06

I just got my airbnb cancelled at the last minute so I'm marking my place on this one. wine

minipie Fri 23-Jul-21 00:17:10

I’ve been scouring Airbnb and have seen the odd thing pop up that definitely wasn’t there before. Some may be cancellations and others seem “new to the market” ie someone’s just realiised they can make a lot this summer!! So it’s worth checking often.

lovescats3 Fri 23-Jul-21 20:49:01

where are you going OP ?

herecomesthsun Fri 23-Jul-21 21:24:13

Well, I think we are staying put for now. We do live in a nice part of the world and looking at the options, we'd rather be sitting here in our cosy house than in a caravan or something in a storm....We might try and book something for a couple of weeks time. As my teen said to me, he's rather we had a bit more time to plan where we are going.

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