Please help passport renewal

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BLACKTUESDAY1 Wed 28-Jul-21 18:20:58

Did you get the passport in time?

Kitkat151 Mon 19-Jul-21 20:53:59

It would take a few weeks ( 6 to 8 ) where I am at the moment) North West.... the alternative is to order an urgent passport.....used to be face to face ( I attended an appointment at Liverpool passport office and got one in a week).... lots more expensive though

Geamhradh Mon 19-Jul-21 20:38:32

You're going to need to ring them.

user1492988945 Mon 19-Jul-21 17:00:09

Hi has anyone renewed there child’s passport in the last couple of weeks? We are due to fly 25th July and I never realised her passport was out of date. I have sent of for her passport her old passport was received Friday. How long has yours taken to come back after the old passport being received? My other daughters was done last month and only took a week to come back. Can anyone give me some Hope please….. TIA XX

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