Anyone going to Cyprus in the next few weeks?

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continuousmonotonousbeep Mon 19-Jul-21 15:55:55

Just looking for some general advice for travelling at the moment and to let me know if I've got all my ducks in a row....

2 adults (both double vaccinated)
12 year old
7 year old

12 year old needs fit to fly test 72 hrs before
the rest of us don't need pre flight testing
12 year old needs PCR test at Larnaca
the rest of us don't need to test
coming back adults & 12 yo need to do an antigen test 48 hours pre flight back to UK and we all need PCR within 2 days of arriving

I've booked all these tests so I hope this is right

Masks required for all of us throughout travel

What happens if someone on our plane to Cyprus tests positive? Someone on another thread said everyone isolates but I can't see that anywhere with TUI or Larnaca airport.

Apart from this, the only risk we have is if our 12 yo tests positive at Larnaca airport, we're covered for any other covid-related problem. All we can do at this point is isolate at home until the flight (which we can more or less)

Any advice or correction greatly appreciated smile

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Thisis100 Mon 19-Jul-21 22:32:32

Hi there
I agree with all your analysis on tests.
I am in a similar boat and very tempted to book but haven’t yet. The other risk as I see it are:
Destination turns red or amber plus. There has to be some possibility of that as Cyprus cases are particularly high compared to the rest of Europe but there is some suggestion that thy are peaking. Cyprus also test a lot more than many others.
But if it were to go red or Amber plus, you’d have to decide whether you wanted to rush home to avoid the change. Tui woold get you there but as your decision to return would effectively be voluntary (ie get me out of here!) then as I understand it, no insurance policy will cover you for that risk, even the covid specific ones. If you’ve found one that does then please tell me!

The other thing to factor in is that the next red lost review is not until around 4/5 of august, with implantation around 9 august if it follows the usual pattern. There are also no weird variants on Cyprus - it’s mainly all delta I think which is what we have here. But a short notice change to red is still always possible. You pays your money you takes your chance I guess

continuousmonotonousbeep Tue 20-Jul-21 09:31:16

Tui will return us to the UK before the change comes into affect and refund lost days so we would only lose the last couple of days of the holiday if it follows that pattern.

I'm seeing a lot more positive stories of people travelling to Europe in the last 24 hours which is starting to alleviate my worry (a bit!) all I can do now is keep my family away from other people until we fly and hope for the best.

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