First passport application - living abroad

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Swissroll1 Mon 19-Jul-21 16:05:28

Second question - has anyone had success after emailing proof of travel plans in getting the application through faster?? I’ve done this today and hoping for some sympathy. (Although the application was started 2 months ago - it took several weeks to get all the documents they asked for 😭)

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Swissroll1 Mon 19-Jul-21 15:56:08

Oh dear, we are cutting it fine if it’s 6 weeks 🥴

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Nervousdrivingtest Mon 19-Jul-21 15:54:09

My experience is 4 years old now but I believe it took 6 weeks for my daughters first passport to arrive. It is a faff applying from overseas so you have my sympathy.

Swissroll1 Mon 19-Jul-21 15:51:55

This is quite niche, but I have applied for my baby’s first passport (3 weeks since they received my documents) and wondering how long it might take, as we are due to travel mid august. We are living abroad so had to provide extra documentation, which may delay things. Wondering if anyone has very recent experience of first applications? Thank you.

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