Villa holiday with 19 month old

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ChaseTheSun Mon 19-Jul-21 17:33:08

Thank you for all of the ideas. I’d forgotten about cars so will definitely take some of those. I’ve already got her plastic bowl and plate on the list aswell as numerous Tupperware pots to take snacks out in.

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nicknamehelp Mon 19-Jul-21 13:58:56

When you get there get them a bucket and spade set and leave it there!

Fivemoreminutes1 Mon 19-Jul-21 13:35:40

Inflatable ball
Stacking cups
Nesting eggs
Bubble mix
Pipe cleaners
Play doh

CustardyCreams Mon 19-Jul-21 13:16:35

Favourite small teddy for bedtime
Some small toy cars
A new book and a favourite book
A toy that can go in the bath, and maybe some flannel animal finger puppets if your dd likes things like that (very small and light)

One last tip:
Take some plastic cutlery, a plate, beaker and bowl as I usually find none in villas overseas, also take extra plastic tubs with lids as they are VERY handy to put snacks/ fruit / pasta in for your LO when you are going out and about. For purposes of travel, you can fill the tubs with snacks and other things including small toys, as the kids often enjoy just taking things in and out of the pots on the plane.

ChaseTheSun Mon 19-Jul-21 12:44:42


We are going on a villa holiday with our 19 month old DD and was hoping for any ideas as to what toys to take to keep her amused both on the plane and in the villa? We can’t take anything too heavy or bulky as we have limited case space and already have things like pencils, stickers, craft bits, iPad, on our list… there anything else out there that would be good?

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