Carvoeiro- Portugal anyone?

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tryingtobeablogger Fri 16-Jul-21 09:10:28

Has anyone been to Carvoeiro in Portugal and can recommend things to do/see and places to eat?

Thank you 🤍

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Geamhradh Fri 16-Jul-21 09:19:18

There is a Mumsnetter who lives there. Not sure if she is still around, she's very helpful
(Not sure if that will work- you could try and PM her)
Beautiful area.

Costacoffeeplease Fri 16-Jul-21 09:23:08

Hi. Yes I live in Carvoeiro, what would you like to know?

Geamhradh Fri 16-Jul-21 09:26:57

Yay! It worked!
flowers hope you are well.

Costacoffeeplease Fri 16-Jul-21 09:51:35

Yes fine thanks smile

loopsngeorge Fri 16-Jul-21 16:10:22

We stayed at quinta do paraiso in Carvoeiro 5 years ago and have our fingers crossed that we will get there again next Sunday! Costacoffee was a mine of information! There are loads of great restaurants, but I'm not sure how the current restrictions and curfew are affecting them. Its a very scenic town and the beach is lovely. I'm afraid we didn't venture very far last time, but we are going to visit Lagos this time, which is meant to be lovely.

tryingtobeablogger Wed 21-Jul-21 12:32:46

I'm so sorry for the late reply!

Thank you so much for replying.

We would just like some hidden gem restaurants or a fab Indian, Italian and Chinese.

Is there anything we should do or shouldn't do?

We've heard so many great things about Carvoerio 🤍

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devildeepbluesea Wed 21-Jul-21 12:33:39

Go to Chef's Kitchen to eat. Best meal I had on holiday in years!

devildeepbluesea Wed 21-Jul-21 12:35:01

@loopsngeorge Lagos is my favourite town in the world. Been going there on and off over 30 years, it's my ambition to retire there (yeah thanks Brexit, that one's off the table now).

I hope you enjoy!

Costacoffeeplease Wed 21-Jul-21 15:26:19

Unfortunately we don’t have any Chinese restaurants open at the moment

For Indian I would say Pashmina, near Rocha Brava, or O Indiano in the village

For Italian, Bella Vita on Clube Atlantico is a definite, but also for just pizza, Mirage, in the village

Do go on the cave boat trips if you’re ok with small boats
Do try an ice cream at Gelados e Companhia
I haven’t tried it yet, but the Tapas restaurant to the left of the beach is supposed to be good
For traditional Portuguese go to A Fonte, just up some steps on the right before the chemist
A Vela is also good
Do take a trip to Silves if you’ve got a car
Jan’s in the square do good Indonesian food
Taste, at the end of the out road, have different things going on eg Mexican night, tapas rodízio where they just keep bringing various tapas dishes for 15€ a head (usually a Friday night) Saturday steak night and sometimes brunch on Sunday, also traditional Sunday roast
Centeanes is a bigger beach near Rocha Brava with a nice restaurant/beach bar cut into the cliff above the beach
The Carvoeiro Plaza and Tivoli hotels both have rooftop bars

Where are you staying?

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