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tickingthebox73 Fri 16-Jul-21 06:45:48

Anyone here hired a Disney (or non-Disney) Vip Guide for Orlando?

Having had 2 holidays cancelled my young teen is now the size of a full blown adult and my baby (!) now will be a tallish full blown teen, so we are thinking it's too much now to share a room (Last went in 2018 with 9/12yo, both young/small for their ages). If we go for a Villa instead of a Disney room, we will have money to spend on a VIP guide? Thoughts from anyone who has done it?

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Marshy86 Fri 16-Jul-21 07:16:53

Hi Op, we did the VIP thrills tour which was fab. I believe it was a group of 12 of us and 2 tour guides and they took us round magic kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood studios. You got a special VIP pin and lunch included. It's very full on but a great way to get all the big rides done with no queuing. We have a 1 year old with us when we go in January so we're thinking the keys to the kingdom tour instead

tickingthebox73 Sat 17-Jul-21 07:04:44

@Marshy86 was this through Disney or an outside company?

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Marshy86 Tue 20-Jul-21 20:23:57

Sorry OP only just seen your reply it was directly though Disney. I believe their safari tour is really good also

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