Which European city destination based on my likes?

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mumma24 Thu 15-Jul-21 22:41:12

We have EasyJet vouchers to use but can’t decide which city to fly to in Europe.
Love Walking, photography, green spaces, gardens, lakes, parks, rivers, trees, nice food, restaurants, views etc
Help me decide please.

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MrsAvocet Thu 15-Jul-21 22:47:04

A much under appreciated destination in my opinion. It's a very interesting city in it's own right but also has great transport links so you can get to the Italian lakes easily too.

mumma24 Thu 15-Jul-21 22:47:41

Forgot to add. Hoping to travel next year between March and October

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GCAcademic Thu 15-Jul-21 22:48:35

Annecy. You can fly to Geneva and transfer there.

mumma24 Thu 15-Jul-21 22:48:43

Thank you @MrsAvocet

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Justmuddlingalong Thu 15-Jul-21 22:49:12

Somewhere in Slovenia. The Ljubljana/Lake Bled area.

mumma24 Thu 15-Jul-21 22:49:13

Thank you @GCAcademic

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mumma24 Thu 15-Jul-21 22:49:52

Thank you @Justmuddlingalong

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Secret12345 Thu 15-Jul-21 22:50:42


Secret12345 Thu 15-Jul-21 22:50:50

San Sebastián

bravotango Thu 15-Jul-21 22:52:26

Seville or Lisbon

BlowDryRat Thu 15-Jul-21 22:58:36

Lake Bled would be perfect.

The Tyrol.

Sickoffamilydrama Thu 15-Jul-21 23:01:01

I liked Germany when I visited specifically Hamburg and Luneburg a very pretty town outside Hamburg the trains were easy as well.

Or haven't been for years but in France Arles, and all around there.

Actually as well for a completely different thing what about Ibiza not not the clubbing parts.

Sickoffamilydrama Thu 15-Jul-21 23:01:45

Prague as well.

FanSpamTastic Thu 15-Jul-21 23:04:06

Zurich and Lucerne.

Shmithecat2 Thu 15-Jul-21 23:05:34


GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Thu 15-Jul-21 23:06:16

Lake Bled is gorgeous

Needapoodle Thu 15-Jul-21 23:06:57

Just throwing it out there - Reykjavik.

MorbidMuch Thu 15-Jul-21 23:07:58

I was going to say Ljubljana / Lake Bled area too. I'd love to go back to Slovenia again. Beautiful country.

RunnerDown Thu 15-Jul-21 23:09:41

Girona in Spain is small but lovely with great food. You can get the train to Barcelona or Perpignan as a day trip

WaverleyPirate Thu 15-Jul-21 23:10:11


Unescorted Thu 15-Jul-21 23:10:28

Tallinn or Lille

Ylvamoon Thu 15-Jul-21 23:12:13


SiobhanSharpe Thu 15-Jul-21 23:13:16

Bilbao. Great city, truly amazing food, the Guggenheim museum, lovely river and all very walkable.

Snorkelface Thu 15-Jul-21 23:13:57

Another one for Lake Bled

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