Bulgaria set to go on the green list on Monday?

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Ju11tne Thu 15-Jul-21 19:05:12

Hi all

Is anyone thinking of booking Bulgaria if it goes on the green list on Monday?

I changed my holiday from Turkey to Bulgaria! Booked for the end of August.

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Ellmau Sun 18-Jul-21 13:32:07

But we're on their red list...


Ju11tne Sun 18-Jul-21 14:31:32

I know!!! I cannot keep up. I'm shocked that Bulgaria don't want us Brits.

Things are moving so fast. I'm waiting for TUI to release updates next week. They said things may change again..

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BarbaraofSeville Sun 18-Jul-21 16:16:44

I'm shocked that Bulgaria don't want us Brits

Seriously? We don't look particularly attractive to other countries right now.

They only let us into Spain, Greece and Malta because we're so important to their summer holiday trade.

Unless Bulgaria is way up there with vaccinations, we present a serious risk to the health of their residents right now. We're basically like India was to us a few months ago. So they've very sensibly closed the door on us. I'm sure there's plenty of other Europeans who'll fill their tourist beds.

Ju11tne Mon 19-Jul-21 15:49:46

Well TUI haven't cancelled yet..

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