Fit to Fly PCR from Boots

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SorryPardonWhat Sun 04-Jul-21 23:05:33

If I get a PCR test done on a Monday morning at Boots will I be have a fit to fly certificate by Wednesday morning? Do I need to show this at checkin? Haven't left the country for two years and finding this really stressful.

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NavigatingAdolescence Sun 04-Jul-21 23:11:35

Are there not FAQs on the Boots/airport/airline websites?

SorryPardonWhat Sun 04-Jul-21 23:24:02

They just say I should have the result within 48 hours. I wondered what people's experience was.

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stilllookingforthehills Thu 08-Jul-21 14:15:54

I've just arrived in Turkey using boots fit to fly and Manchester airport tasked for the printed copy as well as the email version. I would print everything out before you leave. We arrived into Istanbul and no paper version looked at just the email. Better to be prepared during these covid times. Also the queues are awful at checkin we just about made our flight. Allow plenty of time!

ineedaholidayandwine Thu 08-Jul-21 14:23:59

Can anyone clarify the testing situation? Do you need a test before flying regardless of destination or only if the country your going to requires it (looking at Balearics)? I'm double jabbed and have been for 7 weeks.

Bichette Thu 08-Jul-21 14:33:48

It depends on the entry requirements of the country you are visiting.

MinervaMcGonagall45 Thu 08-Jul-21 14:35:13

I have used Boots four times and have had my results back between 13 and 15 hours after each test.


User125547 Thu 08-Jul-21 14:40:18

Yes, boots were 24 hours for me

ineedaholidayandwine Thu 08-Jul-21 14:57:02

Thank you @Bichette i thought that was the case

SorryPardonWhat Thu 08-Jul-21 20:20:19

Oh wow Minerva that's quick! I'm getting myself in such a tizz about it, think it's because I haven't been abroad for two years now. Yes will print ever out, thanks for the tip.

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playplayplay Fri 09-Jul-21 22:30:57

For those who used the Boots Fit To Fly, did anyone use the at home test kit they sell, or was it the in store test? I was considering it for the reduced cost but I'm worried about delays with the results.

MinervaMcGonagall45 Fri 09-Jul-21 23:13:12

I used the in store tests. That way you know the test is done correctly. The tests are collected from the store by courier and taken to the lab so no postal delays. Worth the extra money for Day 5 test to release and the fit to fly tests.

Nootkah Fri 09-Jul-21 23:27:31

@stilllookingforthehills Isnt Turkey on UK red list? I take it youre not coming back for a while ?

stilllookingforthehills Sat 10-Jul-21 08:16:51

Yes currently on the red list, we have a holiday home here so going to stay until it goes to Amber. I'm in Kas and it's the Russians on the sunbeds sadly no brits yet

Watapalava Sat 10-Jul-21 08:30:20

I’ve booked 3 hour pcr tests at Manchester airport

Pain having to do the airport two days on the run but I couldn’t cope with the wait plus you need time to act (move holiday etc) if anyone tests come back positive

SorryPardonWhat Mon 19-Jul-21 21:32:48

We ended up booking Manchester airport tests too.

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Pissinthepottyplease Mon 19-Jul-21 21:35:56


Yes currently on the red list, we have a holiday home here so going to stay until it goes to Amber. I'm in Kas and it's the Russians on the sunbeds sadly no brits yet

Out of curiosity how long do you think it will take to move to Amber and how long are you prepared and able to stay out there?

User45321 Wed 21-Jul-21 16:59:37

Just booked at smile

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