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easyJet - when do they notify cancellation?

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wowfudge Wed 30-Sep-20 10:26:25

Our email states we'll get a refund so no voucher shenanigans to navigate thank goodness. We're going to wait for tomorrow's govt travel advice update and then look at other destinations - looks as though the whole of Greece may be taken out of the travel corridor then.

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Longdistance Wed 30-Sep-20 05:46:11

We were supposed to go to Lyon in October half term, we were going to cancel but they cancelled it for us. We’ve gone for the voucher and got an extra £40 on top for our next flight. This happened about two weeks ago. We were isolating (long story) so I checked on our flights to see how we would cancel, but saw the outbound was cancelled. They messaged about two hours later saying that the return was cancelled too. LTN-LYS LYS-LTN.

wowfudge Wed 30-Sep-20 05:27:58

For anyone interested to know, we were due to travel next Tuesday and the cancellation has come through overnight.

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wowfudge Mon 28-Sep-20 15:43:14

Can anyone who has had an easyJet holiday cancelled by them due to non-essential travel to the destination being advised against and quarantine requirements imposed after booking tell me how close to the departure date were you notified of cancellation?

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