New York in November?

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Bauble74 Thu 30-Apr-20 22:49:29

Thank you, yes I’ve decided to leave my booking but not pay any more. At least if it gets cancelled by the travel company I will get vouchers/ refund. And if they don’t cancel, I will lose my deposit but better that than going on a holiday where I will be anxious all of the time.

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Zodlebud Thu 30-Apr-20 19:51:01

I usually spend my summers working in the USA and have done for the last 20 years. Right now it’s the last place on the planet I would want to travel to. My friends and colleagues are living in fear. People are resisting lockdown and local politicians are supporting them in this. No science, just gut reaction or God guiding them.

I would reschedule to next year if given the opportunity. I have cancelled this summer and will continue to do so until the USA decides to take COVID19 seriously.

NYChopeful Thu 30-Apr-20 10:18:39

I’m booked to go in October. I’m really hoping we can still go but everything is so uncertain right now.

emcero1 Thu 30-Apr-20 09:31:44

We also have a trip booked to NYC in November.

In all honesty, I'm trying not to think about it too much at the moment but I'm not holding out much hope. This way if it does get cancelled then it won't be too much of a shock, and if it doesn't then it'll be a nice surprise.

However, I think we'll need to see nearer the time as I think there is a possibility that the border will be open and the trip won't be cancelled but it still wouldn't be the best idea to go...

Bauble74 Thu 30-Apr-20 09:27:40

I have a trip booked, how likely is it that this can go ahead and would you go? I’m feeling a bit nervous about going there with my 4 dc now with the risk of Covid19.

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