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Booking a trip when flying from different airports

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BarbaraofSeville Thu 13-Feb-20 09:54:20

Jet2 fly from both Newcastle and Birmingham and have mostly daytime flights. Is there anywhere they fly that interests you? You'd then be able to book the accomodation separately on or wherever, hardly any more difficult than a package.

Alternatively, could you both fly from Leeds or Manchester and then you can just book the city break from one of those airports and might be able to get a Jet2 citybreaks package on one booking?

ShyTown Wed 12-Feb-20 20:52:49

You could call the travel agent - I’ve done this with a ski trip via Scott Dunn and they were fine to book different flights for the group of us sharing the chalet. Although city breaks are so easy to book separately, I don’t know why you’d bother with a package. Either meet at the hotel, or aim to get flights that land at roughly the same time and meet at the airport. I went to Florida recently with friends and they flew from 2 different U.K. airports whilst I flew from within the US. Met them in arrivals and we then shared an Uber to the hotel.

jacquettalux Wed 12-Feb-20 20:47:46

Anyone know of an easy way to book a package deal when two people are flying from different airports?

My friend and I want to do a city break this summer. We want a package deal with flights and hotel for ease. However all of the sites seem to require you fly from the same place.

Alternatively, we could book flights and hotel ourselves, but its effort to look at flights from different airports and match them up. They rarely seem to match up well.

I need to fly from Birmingham and my friend from Newcastle.

Thanks in advance!

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