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FeltCarrot Thu 16-Jan-20 16:52:09

As in the title, does anyone have any recommendations for packing cubes please. TIA

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lexloofah Thu 16-Jan-20 20:41:31

Packing cubes are brilliant, so helpful at organising and space saving. We have a few sets in different sizes. They are a packed away in our cases but I think they are e-bag and eagle creek ones

handbagsatdawn33 Fri 17-Jan-20 17:53:02

Amazon basics are good. They have several packages available, with different sizes. DH & I use different colours, so easy when we share a suitcase for a short trip.

Expressedways Fri 17-Jan-20 21:30:33

Amazon basics here too- one colour per family member.

HermioneWeasley Fri 17-Jan-20 21:33:44

I use vacuum bags rather than packing cubes

FeltCarrot Sat 18-Jan-20 08:57:50

Thank you, will check out the ones on Amazon.

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BonnesVacances Sat 18-Jan-20 10:45:34

I was recommended the ones from Wilkos on here and I've been really pleased with them. The set of 3 fits perfectly in my cabin suitcase.


Aragog Sat 18-Jan-20 11:06:56

We have a few sets now of varying sizes. I just but from Amazon.
I never pack cases without.

CatToddlerUprising Sat 18-Jan-20 11:08:31

I recommend the Amazon ones. Plus folding the Kondo way to give even more space

DragonMamma Sat 18-Jan-20 11:11:39

Sorry to hijack but could somebody explain how they work/what the benefits are?

We are going away at Easter and trying to get away with one case between 2A & 2C so need to be smarter in packing

zoobincan Sat 18-Jan-20 11:18:54

I find them quite restrictive when trying to fit lots into a case tbh. I usually roll the clothes and play Tetris with them.

SummaLuvin Sat 18-Jan-20 11:54:27

I would definitely look into compression packing cubes. The standard ones are helpful for organising if that is what you want. But compression ones have a double zip which has the effect of squishing and compacting clothings so you can fit more in your bag. There are many on amazon, I would choose based on reviews. Just be careful if you are flying, as you can fit more in your case the risk of having an overweight bag increases.

bookish83 Sat 18-Jan-20 11:57:16

I love them! Mine are ikea but they are all similar. Amazon have some good ones but I like the standard soft zip around ones.

The tiny ones are a bit useless so I'd go for the medium/larger sizes. I also always use one as a washing bag for bringing washing home 😊

FeltCarrot Sat 18-Jan-20 17:57:39

We are going to SA in April and will be travelling around a bit so will not really be unpacking whilst away. We travelled around Vietnam last year and I got really fed up constantly rummaging through the (shared with DH) suitcase hence the need for the packing cubes this year😂

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InOtterNews Mon 20-Jan-20 13:40:25

I use these dry bags - they work well both in backpacks and the more traditional suicases

Different sizes work great and also useful for keeping clean and dirty clothes. Also rolling the clothes keeps creases to a minimum.

Eeeeek2 Mon 20-Jan-20 13:43:50

We have gonex compression ones and they're good

Eeeeek2 Mon 20-Jan-20 13:49:38

The compression ones definitely save space we went away last year 2 adults and 2 children with one suitcase. Basically you roll clothes put in bag and then there is a zip to squash it down. Also good for taking out once there and placing in different rooms/ packing up dirty stuff as you go so a lot of the packing gets done as you go along rather than having to do it in one go.

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