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Changing a flight- Singapore airlines

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GoldfishRampage Sun 29-Dec-19 10:10:41

Yep, you have to ask them. Good luck!

lovelyupnorth Sun 29-Dec-19 09:01:27

All depends on the fare class bought and reason.

If it’s a full fare you can change to your hearts content.

Assuming it’s not if you’ve got a good reason and proof they’ll often change for free ie death in the family or illness

Otherwise they may do it for a charge.

Xiaoxiong Sun 29-Dec-19 04:57:16

Yes my brother just changed a flight booked on the 3rd to the 31st Dec. Just ring them - if they have space they'll change it, they might charge a small rebooking fee or ask you to pay the difference in fare.

threewick Sun 29-Dec-19 04:29:47

Has anyone ever amended a flight with Singapore airlines?

I've a flight booked on the 7th but would like to bring it forward ASAP. Before I can speak to them has anyone ever done this with them?

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